Travel Journal – May 7, 2010 (1 of 2)

7 05 2011

Friday 12:30 am

These folks from our traveling group are about to head back to Ethiopia to do some amazing work. To find out more click on the link directly below.

Link to their project and how you can help.

In the airport waiting to board.

On Monday night when we were leaving the kids at the C.C. I was upstairs and offered to feed Little Dude so they could feed my special needs friend.  L.D. was pretty bored with eating and kept stealing the spoon and chewing on it.  The nannies noticed and started talking about me.  They said Little Dude’s name a bunch of times and were looking at us.  But then they started to whisper.  It was quite funny as they don’t speak any English and I definitely don’t understand Amharic.  Eventually one of them got up and took L.D. away from me so he could be fed “properly.”

Today L.D. and I got up at a reasonable time.  I gave him a bottle.  Eventually we woke Jamie up.

Wow – mush brain.  (Note:  Deja vu – obviously at this point I realized I had already journaled about that incident.  You aren’t crazy, I might have been.)

When Jamie came home from shopping she went down and had lunch.  Little Dude was still sleeping so she said she would stay in the room and I could go to the supermarket for baby food.  I was ready to go when they called us down for a coffee ceremony.

I had a few bites of popcorn.  Our regular desk clerk was wearing beautiful traditional dress.  Of course the TV was on the whole time.

I asked if anyone wanted to go to the supermarket.  S did.  C and St had just come back from the co-op (bead store).  I was thinking of going there too.  S seemed into it, so off we went.  We met up with Daniel who I had heard about before.  He is a young enterprising kid who practices his English with Agency families.




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7 05 2011

Oh Daniel! I think about him often~

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