They Say It Takes A Year

8 05 2011

THEY give lots of advice.

THEY seem to know everything.

And everyone I know (especially my mother) always knows what THEY have said.

In this case, I have been told many, many times in the past 12 months, “They say it takes a year.”

My interpretation of this was it takes a year to establish a new life following a major move.  And, what do you know?  THEY were right.

In the past seven days – during the 51st week of us living here – the following things have happened:

1)  I found and hired a babysitter/mother’s helper who will be with us 12 hours a week.  She has already hung out with the kids and me two afternoons.  I think this could be good, good, good.

2)  To ease my guilt from hiring a babysitter, I immediately started exercising.  Really.  In the last three days I have run twice, done some yoga and went on a long bike ride with my whole family.

3)  This evening which marks our 1 year anniversary of living here, we hosted a Mother’s Day/ PJ’s Birthday party.  I thought the idea up on Thursday morning.  We had five families here today and I think everybody had a great time.  In Oregon we usually had people over every few weeks for game night, or potluck or playgroup or SOMETHING.  This was the FIRST time we have entertained since moving.

4)  Oh, and this morning, we met our real estate agent in a park and signed the final agreement to purchase a house.  Yes, I saved the best for last.  We bought a house.

That babysitter and those new friends are really going to come in handy in the next couple weeks!



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9 05 2011

OK, tell me more about the sitter/mom’s helper. How’d you find ’em? Who are they (student/age/ect.)? How much ‘ya payin?
I had my first two real leads fizzle. (oh, and, yes, congrats on the house. Picts!!!)

9 05 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I used care dot com. I paid for one month membership. The first person I met with was a no-go because she got a little freaked out when she got sand in her FLIP-FLOP. That was NOT going to work with my kids. But the one we hired seems perfect. I am paying $10/hr.

9 05 2011

A HOUSE? You’ve got a HOUSE?

That’s incredible! Details!

(Cannot bring myself to comment on the mother’s helper, because I’m so jealous that I’m bleeding out of my eyes a little).

9 05 2011

wonderful : )

9 05 2011

Claudia, what a mental image you create! Oh, the house, I love it! You are one hellacious trooper, Mama. All moves are difficult and stressful, but your has to take the cake as one of the craziest ever. My husband and I moved 100 miles north of NYC just weeks after 9/11. (We had already bought the house before 9?11) The stress of leaving NYC, living somewhere different with no friends or family, it was awful. You sound like you handled it very well. Your sense of humor is intact, quite nicely. I want pics!! When are you going to be able to move?

9 05 2011

I’m really happy for you! Plus, reading this made me feel a lot less guilty about the hot mess I’ve been these past 12 months. Someone recommended I get a Mother’s Helper about a year and a half ago. Hindsight is 20/20…NOW I think that would have been a really, really swell idea. Happy moving!

9 05 2011
Scooping it up

awesomeness on the mother’s helper. having one of those around changes this life. and congrats on the house!! moving sucks but hopefully the new place will be awesome for you.

9 05 2011

Shonda’s friend here. I am laughing at the THEY comments. Oh, the infamous THEY!! I have never figured out who THEY are either. And I sometimes fear when I am talking badly about THEM, that one of THEM will be listening!!

I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last week or so, with all the travel updates. It was funny and intersting, knowing Shonda’s story, reading yours and the others in the travel group, I got a good picture from lots of views! Thank you for sharing, and with this comment, I am no longer a silent lurker!!!

9 05 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Welcome, Shiloh. And thanks for posting a comment afterall, I am sure you know what THEY say about silent lurkers…

9 05 2011

The title was soooooo alluring. I was like, they say it takes a year for WHAT? Because I haven’t done anything in the last year so for sure I am way behind.

Congrats on the house. Wanna see it.

Didn’t Mother’s helper come in a little bottle?

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