Not Another Th0mas K1nkade

16 05 2011

I like surprises.

I hate getting gifts.

When we went to open PJ’s birthday present from our friend Tammy, there were two packages in the box.  One for PJ and one with a card that said it was for the whole family.

PJ’s was this fabulous art that Tammy made to match PJ’s new big-girl bedding.

Technically I commissioned the piece (don’t I sound fancy?).  I sent Tammy pics of the bedding and she sent me a few pics as she was working on the painting.  I knew it was going to be great but…. LOVE IT.

The second piece of art was unexpected and was wrapped with this paper and ribbon.

I was pretty sure I could guess what the theme of the art was going to be.  Oh you crafty people, the extra touch really does make things special.

A surprise – yay.

A present – uh oh.  (My issues with presents are very complicated.  I touched on it here.  If you want me to tell you more, you will have to charge me $150 an hour and have a couch in your office.)

And then I opened it….

And then I cried.  (But not because I have issues.)

Thanks, Tammy.




6 responses

16 05 2011

it is beautiful!!!!!

16 05 2011

::sniff sniff!::

16 05 2011

Ahhh. They are both so cool! I would charge $150, and clean off the peanut butter on my couch for you…

16 05 2011


17 05 2011

That might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen!!!

18 05 2011

that is AMAZING 🙂 so glad you liked it! well, glad you liked them both.

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