Thursday Toddler Trick

26 05 2011

I am thinking of starting a new weekly feature:  Thursday Toddler Trick.  Each week I will highlight a new trick demonstrated by one of the toddlers currently occupying my home.  If possible, I may even offer photographic evidence.  However, frequently that would mean choosing between taking a photo that might amuse you, and letting my child continue to do something which defies the laws of physics, is illegal in most european nations, and is likely to result in a trip to the emergency room or the police station or the bank to withdrawal money to pay a professional repair person.

PJ’s Trick of the Week:

Reaching between her feet and pulling the release on her car-seat thereby allowing herself to adjust the five-point, safety-harness to the position she finds most comfortable (completely loose and completely useless).

First accomplished at the age of 3 years, 10 days.  

How many more years is she supposed to be “safely” strapped in a car-seat?

Little Dude’s Trick of the Week:

Balancing on the back of the couch which is not pushed up against the wall.  Which means he is balancing about three feet off the ground on something that is not quite three inches wide.  When he falls forward, he lands on the couch and laughs.  He hasn’t fallen backward, yet.  But I am pretty sure if he does, he won’t be laughing.

First accomplished at the age of 2 years, 1 month and 18 days.

Do you think it is appropriate to decorate our new home solely with bean-bag chairs?




6 responses

27 05 2011

Ooh, love it. Your kids are talented. I bet they make a mockery of playgrounds, I know my kid does.

27 05 2011

Nothing is illegal in Europe.

27 05 2011

Sorry, can’t remember what I was going to comment because I’m laughing too hard at what Leigh said.

30 05 2011

C’mon Claudia, you know I’m right. 😉

28 05 2011

Whoa. The car seat trick totally impressed me.

30 05 2011

I’m really doubting the sanity of getting all our kids together this summer. What if they share tricks? Then you and I are both screwed. LD and J really could be twins (well, minus the fact that they look nothing alike)

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