Toddler Trick Thursday

2 06 2011

This week both tricks are brought to you by Little Dude.

Talented Toes

“Window down, Mommy.”

“The window is down, Little Dude.”

“Window DOWN, MOMMY”

“Oh, you mean UP, Little Dude.  Window UP PLEASE, Mommy”

“Up, please, Mommy.”

I roll the window up (and by roll I mean use the little electronic button on my door that controls the windows in the back of my van.)

He then uses his toes to roll it back down.  Kind of impressive considering he is strapped into a car seat and therefore has limited maneuverability.

I actually think this is more of a talent than a trick.  Regardless of my admiration, I have to be on my game or my ear drums start to hurt as the air rushes into the van doing that weird thing where it sounds like a helicopter is following us down the street.  Once I crack my front window, the helicopter effect is over, and I can hear clearly again.  Just in time, because Little Dude starts yelling…

“Window down, Mommy.”

“Yes, your window is down.”


“Oh, up.  You want me to put your window UP.  UP, please, Mommy.”

“Up, please, Mommy.”

And so on, and so on, and so on….

Trick first achieved:  Approximately two years and one week.  Trick practiced and perfected at two years, one month, and two weeks.

The more I think about this the more I think it should be re-categorized, it isn’t a toddler trick as much as it is proof that this mommy can be trained to perform tasks she would prefer NOT to, over and over again.  And yes, my van does have an option where I can lock the window controls.  As much as I hate the helicopter effect, I also hate ruining his fun.

I said, “No, thank you.”

We have taught the kids to say, “No thank you” to each other when there is unwanted physical contact happening.  Sibling gets in your face, do not scream, bite, pinch, just tell her/him, “No, thank you.”

Today Little Dude needed two vaccinations, plus the injection for the TB test.  Two weeks ago he also had two vaccinations, both of which burned post-injection. And he had to have blood drawn to check his antibody titers from the shots he received in Ethiopia.  Two weeks is not nearly enough time for Little Dude to forget just how evil nurses can be.

Yesterday, there were supposed to be three pokes.  However, there were six if you count the fact that the nurse could not get the TB needle in the right place. In fact, she had to go and reload the syringe because things were going so poorly she injected the air above his arm.

While she was gone, Little Dude had time to think about recourse.  He was already crying as we pinned his body down, repeating over and over again, “No, thank you.  No, thank you.  No, thank you.”  That clearly wasn’t working.  So when they came back to give him the second injection, he puked.  Unfortunately (for him) Fortunately, he was not in the position to get much force behind the vomit. But I believe it was a valiant first effort.  Yep, I think Little Dude may be able to projectile vomit at will.  Now that is a potentially awesome trick.

Trick first achieved:  two years, one month, 25 days.

I am not sure of all the potential of projectile puking at will.  But Little Dude is a boy and I am sure he will come up with many ways to utilize this unique skill.




2 responses

3 06 2011

That’s ridiculously sad. “No thank you” indeed. He’s was probably thinking, “Thanks for nothin’ mom and dad…this doesn’t work at all!”

6 06 2011

Ahhh, poor Little Dude, screaming “no thank you.” That is so sad and precious. And then, when he just can’t get any more precious, he pukes all over you … perfect!

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