4 06 2011

Tonight the kids were eating a healthy organic dinner representing all the major food groups frozen pizza, when Little Dude started saying over and over “moon” or possibly “spoon.”  I really had no idea what he was talking about.  But he was insistent.  He is often insistent these days.  And repetitious.  And determined.  And annoying.

I tried to figure it out…

“Can’t see **oon.”

“Can’t see **oon.”

“Mama, can’t see **oon.”

All while looking out the window.

Since he was eating, I got him a SPoon.  That clearly wasn’t it.

He kept looking towards the window.  “Can’t see **oon.”

“We can look for the Moon when you are done eating.”

“Can’t see **oon.”

“When you are done eating, we will go outside and see if we can find the Moon.”

And on and on the conversation went with PJ chiming in that maybe the moon is hiding in the trees.  And me discussing planatary alignment.

Finally, I went to look out the window, so I would know if there was a chance in hell we were going to see the moon even though it was still almost two hours until sunset.

Then I saw it.

Oh…. BALLoon.

And I knew from last summer, that this was not the first.  But Little Dude had seen the first and was trying to tell me all about it while I offered him spoons and astronomy lessons.

I ran inside and got them out of their high-chairs and we watched the next two come past.

 And then we spent the next hour talking about it.

“Can’t see balloon, Mama.”

“Yes, they’re gone now.”

“Balloon loud, Mama.”

“Not that loud, Little Dude.  It’s okay.”

“Can’t see balloon, Mama.”

And so on, and so on, and so on.




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4 06 2011
Scooping it up

I don’t know why, but I really loved this. I love communication attempts from little ones. My little Habesha has taken to saying “That” when I ask “what do you want?” There are no other clues. Fun. Also, highly annoying. I think he knows I will immediately offer him every edible item in our house until I land on “cookie” or something else good in the attempts to validate his feelings. He is totally working me.

5 06 2011

Oh cool! Dew Drop calls balloons “baboons” and I only correct her about half of the time because it’s so damn cute. 🙂

6 06 2011

what’s up with the balloons? do you see this often? Amazing!

7 06 2011

“Little Dude … was trying to tell me all about it while I offered him spoons and astronomy lessons.” LOL!
Our kid’s bilingual – imagine those repetitive, insistent demands, (prefaced by NO!! whenever I guess wrong,) when there are two complete lexicons to match “oon” against. Thrilling. Or, not.
(FWIW, sign language got us over some of those.)
The Sunday follow-up to this is hilarious.

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