Grandma Has A Three Day Hangover

5 06 2011

I woke up at 3 am Thursday night and knew I was going to be sick.  I was.

Being sick sucks, but I am so lucky.  SAG was able to take Friday off of work.  Plus our babysitter was scheduled for that afternoon.

By yesterday I was much better but far from hardy.  Of course PJ woke up puking.  So the whole family had another very low-key day.  I left the house for about 30 minutes.  I took a couple of naps.

Last night I had a very hard time going to sleep.  This morning I woke up early after a fitful night full of argumentative dreams and sweaty manoeuvrings in which I tried to get out from under a 28 pound, sleeping Ethiopian.

Back in the day when I was more likely to imbibe I remember many times thinking, “This can’t be JUST a hangover, I must be getting sick.”

Today when I woke up feeling queasy again, weak and tired, restless but too sick to be productive, I actually thought, “This can’t be JUST a virus, could I be hungover?”

On the other hand, this three-day sickcation gave me a different perspective on my family.  For the most part I have been able to observe my children, cuddle with them at will, then shoe them away when I needed a break.  I have enjoyed all of the pleasures of being around toddlers without having any responsibility for meeting their needs.  I have read, co-slept, cuddled, co-slept, tickled, co-slept, chatted and co-slept.  All of the joy with none of the responsibilities.  And, wow, my children are amazing human-beings.  I am so privileged to be their grandmother, er, I mean mother.

Yep, I believe that my three day, all-of-the-fun, none-of-the-work stint provided me with a glimpse of the bliss of being a grandparent.  Plus, I still have ultimate control over their parenting.  Really, what could be better than that?  I know, it would be total control, all of the joy, none of the responsibilities without any nausea or headache.  How do I get that gig?




2 responses

5 06 2011

Ugh! So sorry about the sick. But after that post I now want to be a grandma. Awesome.

5 06 2011

sick=suck, grandparenting weekend=amazeballs

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