Oh, Right, The Goal List

5 06 2011

This is a blog about parenting and specifically about parenting one adopted and one bio child.  It is blog about parenting transracially.  It is a blog about parenting two toddlers while moving to the middle of the country where you have no support system.  This is a blog about ME.

And I kicked it off by making a list of goals.  A HUGE list of things I wanted to achieve before my 44th birthday.  You may have seen a picture of me on this blog from time-to-time and so you are thinking, “Hey, she has a good 10 years before her 44th birthday.”    Thank you, and be sure to make an appointment to visit an ophthalmologist soon.  The truth is, I have exactly one month.  One month from today I will be 44.  I will no longer be able to deny middle-age.  And I will reflect back on my ridiculously long list of goals and think, “Good thing I wasn’t getting graded on THAT.”

The problem with my goal list is I got hung up on the number 43.   I wanted 43 goals.  And I wanted most of the goals to relate to the number 43.  So, now, because I am an adult and can make my own rules, especially if I stick within my theme, I am declaring, my real goal is to complete 43% of my 43 goals.

I think I can do it.

To cure insomnia read more about my goals go here, here, and here.




3 responses

5 06 2011

You crack me up, you. I am turning 44 right about the time you are. My birthday is July 2nd. I wish we could have a birthday beer or beverage of choice together this summer. Your blog does not cure insomnia. It makes me want to stay up and keep reading.

7 06 2011

Ha – this is extremely funny.

What I want to know is: 43% of EACH goal? Or the other way? Very important question 🙂

10 06 2011
Caza Dora

Your goal list is pretty ambitious, I like that. I can’t make a goal list like that and I won’t even lie it’s because I’m scare of failure. I was actually going to blog recently about this mid-year resolution thing that included a handful of goals and I couldn’t even do that.

And don’t you love when those glimpses of how wonderful your kid(s) is/are (in my case “is) is unwrapped from the thin layer of exhaustion from always having to do everything for them? I love it when Oakley reaches goals, there is one pair of shoes he can put on himself, I am SO proud of him. (and I no longer have to fight for 7 minutes putting those shoes on him)….

Today simple goal of mine with Oakley: cuddle more, check computer less today.

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