Sunday Snapshot – Sucksville

12 06 2011







Anybody need a kitten?



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13 06 2011

There would be a long flight and a longer quarantine involved for him/her to come to me, but can I help in another way? Can we send money for vet costs?

13 06 2011

She’s really cute – other than the obvious oozing. Too bad you don’t work at an animal shelter, huh. If you were closer, I’d take her (not to keep – don’t worry, Trent!)

13 06 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

If a kitten in this shape came in to any shelter that I worked at at this time of year, I know what I would be saying…. But when you don’t see all the healthy kittens already sitting around waiting for homes, you become a sucker for the very sick, hissy, spitty one that runs in front of your car. I’ve just got to figure out where to get some strongid.
She ate all her food last night, and hissed at the dog this morning – so I think there is hope.

14 06 2011

I just finished reading “The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary” and wondered the same thing. I hate what people do to some animals or neglect to do.

15 06 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Checked that out from the library, haven’t opened it yet.

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