Reason Number 247

13 06 2011

Reason number 247 that I know my daughter is super cool…

when I showed her this teeny-tiny frog today the first thing she said was,

“He’s so beautiful.”




10 responses

13 06 2011

he IS so beautiful! (as are your nails!)

13 06 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

He is cute – and he didn’t even pee that much on me. My nails are the longest they have ever been. I was thinking this morning that I need to cut them. They will all break or rip off when we are moving next week anyway.

13 06 2011
Caza Dora

Super cool indeed.

13 06 2011
Scooping it up

i forgot, you found a house, congrats and i hope the move doesn’t suck too much. anything like that with kids is the pits.

also, the frog is kinda cute…

13 06 2011

That’s great – I love that she saw how beautiful he was rather than screeched. My husband saw an Australian spider yesterday and cried ‘why have you brought me here???’ Think he needs lessons from PJ.

13 06 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Well the frog wasn’t going to kill her. Aren’t 9 out of 10 things poisonous in Australia? (or something like that?) Maybe he was just having a flashback to the plane ride.

14 06 2011

love it : )

14 06 2011

I’m not going to lie. My daughter would have freaked.

14 06 2011
Ms. F

Love. And bonus you were hardly peed on.

14 06 2011

Her and Jack would get along great…

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