15 06 2011

“I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you, Little Dude.”

“I love you, Piggy.”

Giggle, giggle, giggle (that is both of us giggling).

I might have been offended but we just finished reading Night-Night, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton.

Little Dude has told me he loved me before, but always as a follow-up to me telling him first or as part of a bed-time ritual.  This time it was spontaneous, although I suppose some credit should go to Ms. Boynton.

My heart is warm.




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15 06 2011

Oh, wow, that’s wonderful! Little T has just started to say the words. That or else my hears are hearing what I want to hear. Either way, I can’t tell him enough how much I love him, and I can’t wait to hear him say it on his own one day. Congratulations! You are one lucky mama!

15 06 2011

hears = ears


15 06 2011
il panettiere...

All kinds of squishy love going on there….

15 06 2011

That makes me smile. I think it will still be a long time before I hear that from Reagan, but it’s a comin’

16 06 2011

Yeah, my heart is warm all the way over here from that story. Yours must be on FIRE.

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