Thursday Toddler Trick

16 06 2011

Hey, what do you know?  It is another toddler trick brought to you by Little Dude whose motto must be something like, “It isn’t fun unless it is dangerous.”

C1rque du S0leil

Apparently riding in the baby-swings is getting boring.

So on Monday, Little Dude figured out if he brought his knees up and in they could be supported on the middle part of the swing thereby allowing him to lift his behind out of the seat.  His buddha belly is now above the edge of the seat making it highly unlikely that he will actually stay in the swing for long.  This is fun in-and-of-itself, but when he sees me get a panicked look in my eyes, that is when he knows it is really, really good.

First achieved:  Two years, Two months, One week




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17 06 2011

Two words: start drinking.

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