Please Not A…

17 06 2011

Every expectant parent, whether they are building their family through birth or adoption, has a huge list of worries, hopes, fears and dreams for the child they will soon hold in their arms.  Some of these are universal, “Please let him be healthy.”  And some are based on the individual parent.

For example, I once dated a guy who checked out the size of my hands on the third date.  He wanted boy babies, and he wanted them to be quarterbacks.  Apparently, long fingers are essential to making it to the NFL.  I can only imagine what his mantra was when his wife was pregnant (assuming he found someone with long fingers who was willing to marry him.)

Throughout my pregnancy, I developed three key mantras.  The first was, “Please let this baby stick.”  I had miscarried six months prior to becoming pregnant with her and spent my 40 week pregnancy as a nervous wreck.  The second was, “Please let this baby be healthy.”  No explanation needed for that.  And the third theme started once we found out she was a girl.  “Please NOT a girly-girl.”  I certainly got my first two wishes.  The jury is still out on number three.

On Wednesday night we went to our community’s monthly Family Fun Night.   PJ did some dancing and had her face painted for the first time.  We arrived late to see two local folk-singer/environmentalists wrap up their final song and bring their ambassador boa constrictor out of a bag and allow the kids to touch it.  PJ stood in line and waited patiently while the guy passed her over twice.  It was only when SAG said something, that she actually got to pet the thing.  Little Dude adamantly and animatedly declined.

On the ride home in the car, PJ started a conversation,

“In our new house we could get a real snake.”
“We are not going to get a pet snake, Honey.”
“We could.  In our NEW house.  A real snake.”
“Do you mean a snake outside?  We might have snakes outside at our new house.”
“No, I want a real snake.  In a cage.  At our new house.”
“I don’t want to have a pet snake that lives in a cage.”
“Yes, we could keep the cage under the bed.”
“Um, No, I don’t want a snake, in a cage, under the bed.”
“We could keep it under Daddy’s bed.”
“But I sleep in Daddy’s bed.”

Ever the problem solver…

“In the new house you could sleep in a different bed.  Then the snake could live under Daddy’s bed.”

“Well, that is an idea.  But I LIKE to sleep in Daddy’s bed, and we are NOT getting a pet snake.”

Of course the entire conversation took place while she was rockin’ blue eye-shadow, pink cheeks and a couple spectacular dragonflies on her face.

Checking herself out in the mirror - and liking what she sees.

Like I said, the jury is still out.




9 responses

17 06 2011

Be careful what you wish for sweetheart……

17 06 2011

Whoa! That is quite the face painting job. (she’s beautiful of course)
I’ll send her Godiva as a house warming gift (evil chuckle).

17 06 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I don’t think Godiva wants to live under SAG’s, er, I mean, our bed. I have a strong belief that I don’t want anymore “cage pets.” I used to say that, and then we added two rats and a cockatoo to our family in short order. The rats were great. But I still felt guilty that they were not getting their needs met all of the time. The cockatoo was a major challenge, who also did not get his needs met. Although he did spend a few Friday evenings at Squirrels – He liked that. The rats have passed on, the cockatoo went to live with a bird behavior specialist – and still I feel guilty.
Having our bird Fred is enough. Although I know as soon as the kids are old enough, SAG will want to adopt rats again.
Godiva can stay with you – but I will take Curie off your hands if you want.

18 06 2011

She’s darling. I love the picture- her t shirt is super hip.

18 06 2011
Meg B

Ahhh the persistence of a child. I love hearing about the stuff kids say! Love the t-shirt too!

19 06 2011
Caza Dora

Are you kidding me with that pic? CUTEST thing ever.

19 06 2011
Scooping it up

I have a girly girl. It took me from age 25-28 to realize that I too was a girly girl. I was in denial for some time. I tried very hard to not be. And then I just said screw it. I like to wear heels, make up and read Martha Stewart Living. I am much happier now. But sometimes I miss pretending I was a tom boy. I still love professional sports of all kinds and don’t mind snakes.

this post cracks me up.

20 06 2011

From that picture? Sorry hon, too late. You *DO* have a girly girl 🙂

23 06 2011

Ha ha ha. I love the look on her face here, admiring herself in the mirror. I think I have to agree with Claudia … sorry!

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