Anniversary Post Or Its Best Alternative

20 06 2011

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary.  I have a post about this milestone mostly written, in my head.  But today has been a uniquely challenging day and that post will not be coming to a monitor near you tonight.  Instead you are receiving  “Woe Is Me, June 20th Edition”

Actually, I don’t feel sorry for myself, and should actually call this, “Whoa, is it me?”   Because I seem to be having a minor out of body experience.  I am looking back at the last 24 hours and thinking, really, that is what I have been dealing with?  Why aren’t I more stressed out?

Speaking of “out of body,” I would like to get either the  infection ravaging my face or my whole fricken’ tooth out of  my body, NOW.  Instead I will wait for the magic of antibiotics to take hold.  To help me with that wait I have the magic of Vicodin.  Both of those drugs will help me with the wait for next Tuesday when the nerve that is located in the root of my tooth will have its own out of body experience.  When your dentist starts a sentence with the words, “The best alternative is a root canal…” you probably shouldn’t bother to ask what the other alternatives are.

Beyond my dental emergency, today I  dealt with:

the semi-retired, infectious disease specialist who is going to help us address a small problem Little Dude brought home with him from Ethiopia.  We waited three weeks for this specialist to contact us and he was great on the phone.  Now we will wait a month to meet him in person.  I am trusting he is worth the wait.

the car dealer’s service station.  Our van’s 12 month warranty expires at the end of the month.  For the past 51 weeks the car has had an extreme shimmy when you step on the brakes especially if you are driving above 50 miles-per-hour.  I wish it wasn’t true, but sometimes I need to use the brakes when I am driving at speeds greater than 55 mph.  Time to get that taken care of.

the movers who will be taking our possessions from rental house a, to newly owned house b, on Thursday morning  Thursday morning  is less than 72 hours from now, but who’s counting?

the animal foster care volunteer who is helping me deal with Itty Bitty Kitty (IBK).  Apparently IBK has a rather large parasite living in her neck.  I could see said parasite yesterday evening through a hole that has developed on her throat.  I honestly thought I must be crazy because that is nasty and something from science fiction not something living in my home office.  But it turns out I have a pretty good gut instinct when it comes to disgusting stuff.  Fortunately, my husband hasn’t left me yet despite this stray kitten living in a dog crate right in the middle of us trying to pack up all our belongings.

All in all an average day for an average American mommy.  Parasites boring holes in baby animals, third-world diseases, car repairs, moving and the “Best Alternative” root canal, Happy Anniversary to me.



7 responses

20 06 2011


21 06 2011

Yikes. That’s all I can come up with.

21 06 2011
il panettiere...

I only threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read about the parasite.

I think you should get an anniversary redo. Something that involves calm and peace and serenity (HAH!).

21 06 2011

sending happy, healthy, easy packing vibes your way

21 06 2011
Scooping it up

you definitely need a redo!

22 06 2011

Happy Anniversary! Is your tooth better yet? Man I hope so.

So excited to see you and Little Dude next weekend.

23 06 2011

Thinking of you today, girl. Holy cardboard boxes, I loathe moving. I want to know about how you and SAG met, fell in love, any little tidbit. I love a love story.

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