Now I Know Why…

28 06 2011
she had the owl statue. Apparently small birds like to come into this house…
and drink your coffee.

Good thing it was my husband’s coffee and not my diet coke or that thing would be D.E.A.D. dead.

After the babysitter said, “there is a bird in your house” and I realized she wasn’t talking about our parrot, the next thing I thought was, “where did the kids leave the owl statue.”  I honestly thought I could show it to the bird and scare it out of the house.

Then I ran for my camera and said, “I need pics to blog about this.”

Finally, when the babysitter said, “How will we get it out of the house?”  and I stopped giggling like a third grader, I said out-loud, in what I hoped was a confident voice, “I can handle this.  I was an animal care professional.”

I guess the bird believed me because when I picked up a dish towel, he (she?) glided to the floor, hopped towards the laundry room, noticed the open door leading to freedom (my babysitter is SMART) and flew away.

My babysitter said she thought the bird looked terrified, I thought it looked crafty.  It better not ever develop a taste for diet coke.



4 responses

28 06 2011

I’d say that if you are a believing in omens type of person this would be a good one for your new house. It reminds me of having a blue bird land on your shoulder or something. I think it’s nature’s way of welcoming you to your new hood. Or maybe the bird heard about The Freaky Owl and wanted to come to check it out for itself?

I’m glad the bird likes buna. My kinda bird. 🙂

28 06 2011
Meg B

Birds kind of freak me out and I am not sure how I would have handled the situation. Unlike you, I am not an “animal care professional.” Hope the move is going well!

28 06 2011
Scooping it up

i like how you are an animal lover to the max and you choose Coke over its life. mwah ha ha ha ha ha.

29 06 2011

I agree with Meg. Birds freak me out. They are unpredictable; they have sharp beaks, and big packs of them can take down an airplane. Very, very dangerous animals if you ask me. I had a mean, possessive sparrow who made a nest in my garage last year. My laundry facilities are housed in my garage. Every time I tried to do laundry, this terrorist would fly straight for me in what was an certain attempt to pluck out my eyeballs. Then she tried to teach her babies to fly in my garage. Total chaos. Of course, she wouldn’t leave b/c her nest was there…

What I love about this post is that the first thing you thought of was that this would be good blog fodder. I love your thinking!

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