I Want To Post, Really I Do

6 07 2011

But, alas, it is probably not going to happen today.

However, some picture-stealing, thunder-thieves, women I spent the weekend with have posted.  And they have included pictures of Little Dude, PJ, Rat-Dog, and a really nice shot of my bigger-than-life behind (thanks, S!)

Go here.

And here.  (You can also read about the volunteer work she was doing in Ethiopia a few weeks ago, and about her reunion with her son’s first mother.)

4.5 days, 1,167 miles, lots and lots of diapers and diet coke later, we are home.  But I picked up three, pre-teen boys on the way.  If you don’t see a real post from me in the next few days, look for me under the table at a local bar.




2 responses

6 07 2011
Captain Murdock

I went back and looked … there is no larger than life shot of your behind. You are feeding your readers lies!!! Lies, I tell you!!!!! Even if there was such a picture, I posted a picture of myself wetting myself. Doesn’t that make it okay?

And regarding the picture stealing … I admit it, I’m guilty. But, I didn’t touch the forbidden pic or catch phrase, and I feel quite proud of my restraint on that head.

6 07 2011


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