How My Brain Works

12 07 2011

I think I might have figured out a solution for the video problem.  It will involve two computers and a thumb drive, but I think I can handle it.  HOWEVER, I am afraid it won’t work.  I am afraid it will almost work, I will get obsessed and when my kids wake up in an hour I will be too tied up in my project to want to focus on them.  I am afraid that the friends I invited over at 4 pm will show up, I will ask them to take care of my kids and I will lock myself in my office to try again, and again and again.

Yep, I am afraid my solution might not work – so I am considering not even trying it.

Do they teach this stuff at self-help seminars?

Is there a way to make sure no potential employer EVER sees my blog in the future?

Are you crazy, too?




7 responses

12 07 2011

You mean bat shit crazy like you?

I dunno. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

12 07 2011

Crazy is in the eye of the beholder, actually. And yes, Leigh is crazy. As a loon. I have beheld her.

12 07 2011

You know what I think? GET OVER IT!!! And quit teasing us and finish the freaking video 😉

13 07 2011

I prefer the term quirky.

13 07 2011

Shonda is crazy too. Listen at her bossing you like that!!
Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I started reading your blog, and the rest of your travel group’s actually, during the flashbacks to bringing your kiddos home in May, and I’ve been reading ever since. Just a couple weeks ago, I decided to add all y’all to my own blog list so that I could quit padding god will add’s stats and start padding my own!! And no, I posted that video a couple weeks ago, and I didn’t think you were that whiney yesterday, just really really obsessed with making your own video!

13 07 2011
fan of kerry's photos

kerry, we’ve seen the pics. Remember us obsessing over sharing them with our circle of laptops? Bring on the video… when you get it working.

13 07 2011


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