The Opposite of a Life-Long Learner

12 07 2011

First – I hate the expression, “life-long learner.”  I think it means a person with no friends who tries gardening, then knitting, then macro-biotics, then tai-chi, then learning french, then takes a trip to Russia….  Okay, there is nothing wrong with any of those things.  In fact I would like to do most of them.  But I don’t want to learn to do them, I just want to be good.  Right from the start.  Excellent.  A prodigy.  A prodigy at every frickin’ thing I try.

Because the truth is, I am learning new things daily.  And if I had to grade myself on my work, well I used to think I was failing.  But now I realize, I am getting a “D”.  A “D” in mothering and house-wifeing.  But don’t worry.  This course is Pass or Fail.  And I am determined to evaluate myself as Passing if at the end of each and every day both my kids are alive and the house hasn’t burned down.  I know you are not usually allowed to take your core courses Pass/Fail.  But I don’t care.  It is my life, I am making up the rules of the analogies and can mix any metaphors I want.

In the meantime, I tried to do something foolish.  I got it in my head that I could do some additional course-work, a little extra-credit if you will.

I thought I would make a video.  A montage of the photos from our amazing Ethiopian Adoption Travel Group reunion.  This is something most middle-schoolers can do.  This is something I might be able to do.  Honestly, I can’t tell if I am failing miserably, or if the problems are actually a result of my computer which SAG has spent hours and hours and hours rebuilding.  And which sounds like a cross between a dental drill and a dump truck when it is running.

Regardless, having this additional work, well, lets say I am focusing on my elective course instead of my core course.  The core course being raising my children without screaming and without having to have my husband come home early even though I had a babysitter for four hours this morning.

Yep, the elective has distracted me from what is really important.  But I woke up this morning and my kids are still whining, breaking things, alive and my house is still dirty, unorganized, standing.  And my husband he is still unhappy, taking care of the kids, living here.  So yesterday I Passed.

And since there may NEVER be a damn video, I am going to put a few pics on here.  Just so you know that the video – it really could be worth it.




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12 07 2011

Oh dear God, I am so not a “life long learner”. That phrase alone exhausts me. EX-HAUSTS ME. As in drop dead tired. I swear I can’t learn another damn thing. Please don’t make me. Especially if it includes audio/visual.

But you go right ahead and do it. I’ll wait. uh huh. I will wait for it. This is me, waiting.

12 07 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I am right there with you, Leigh.
In the meantime, this is me waiting for you to grow your hair past your butt.

12 07 2011

Audio visual gives me the heebies and I salute you. I like the phrase life long learner, though. Call me a psycho. Also, I think your creativity is warranted over on my blog today. I just know you’d have something good. 😉

12 07 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Of course you are a life long learner – you never sleep. You can dedicate 2 am to 4 am to learning new things. As a mortal person I have To sleep and therefore may in fact be done learning anything new.

12 07 2011

Life long learning sucks because I only have so much space in there and I am busily forgetting so much stuff that should I try to learn more I am only forcing more and more decent already learned info out the back door. I’ve been MIA in blog land, mostly. It’s summer and my husband is home and my son will soon be done with camp. One or the other is always asking me what’s next. I applaud your mixing of metaphors, please carry on.

12 07 2011

As I told you earlier, you are totally selling yourself short in the mothering department. I witnessed approximately 36 hours of parenting in a high stress, sugar filled environment and I was impressed.

But, since my crazy Taz snuck into your van, got in your purse and decided to spread your mascara all over your van seat and his face … does that give me a D or an F? He was still alive, but there were vehicle casualties??

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