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27 07 2011

I have some posts in my head and they are trying to come out.  I thought they might make it to my fingers today.

But, alas, I just received news that another friend of mine succumbed to cancer this morning.

My posts got sucked back into my brain.

My energy got sucked back into my heart.

My friend Bonnie fought the good fight.

Bonnie’s life was not always easy.  A large, masculine woman, “out” before her time, she followed her passion saving animals’ lives for years (and made very little money doing it).  As a devout Christian, she believed in a religion that other people used to ostracize her.

I hope her heaven is everything she thought it would be.  I hope that the tens of thousands of animals she helped in her lifetime are there to greet her.

And I know her precious dog, who was her constant companion at both home and work for many years, and who also left this world on July 11th,  is there waiting to walk alongside her.

Bonnie – May you find God to be everything you were expecting.  May you know the many hearts and lives you have touched in this life.  May you rest in peace.

Fuck you, Cancer.



10 responses

27 07 2011

I am so sorry for your loss. And I share your feelings about cancer.

27 07 2011

I hope she has found nothing but peace.

27 07 2011

I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like the world lost an amazing woman, and much too soon. And I’ll second your sentiments on cancer.

27 07 2011

So, so sorry. Your last line gave me chills…..

27 07 2011

What a wonderful tribute to your friend. So sorry for your loss.

27 07 2011

Fuck cancer indeed. And what a beautiful, beautiful post. Prayers for you, sweet lady.

28 07 2011

Oh, I’m so very very sorry. This is a beautiful tribute.

29 07 2011

Yes, fuck you cancer.

2 08 2011

Oh I’m so sorry, and I agree with your sentiments to cancer.

3 08 2011
Scooping it Up

thank you for sharing, so sorry for your loss. Bonnie is in good hands it seems.

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