Fun Size – Like A Moth To A Flame

3 08 2011

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts.)

Moth = Me, Flame = Things That Are Bad For My Brain

Yesterday (yesterday as in less than 24 hours ago, really can’t I keep on track for more than 24 hours?) I posted an homage to Sister Agnes Joesph and her advice to avoid putting bad things in your brain because you can never take them out.  Then, last night and today, whenever I had “internet time” and read an interesting news story, I read the accompanying comments.  You know, the comments from all the idiots in the world, the bigots, the ignorant people with hatred in their hearts.  Yes, I took time to read their not-even-close-to-humble opinions.  And it made me sick.  And it is in my brain.  Forever.

I think I am going to find my old yearbook, scan a photo of Sister Agnes Joesph, blow it up and print three copies.  I will tape them to my computer, my laptop and my iphone.  This may serve a double purpose.  It will keep me from reading nasty stuff and it may scare the kids away from messing with my electronics.

Thou Shall Not Kill

I don’t kill bugs.  I don’t see any reason to.  Bugs inside can be moved outside by me, or by SAG if they are really scary.  Bugs outside are where they belong.  There are a few exceptions to this rule – roaches (of course) and sometimes the involuntary and completely ninja like smack delivered to a mosquito that has just bitten me.  Oh, and ticks.  Okay, I do kill bugs.  But I USUALLY don’t kill bugs.

And now I live in the south.  And I kill flies.  Or as PJ says, “I bam flies.”  Right now we are experiencing a fly invasion of biblical proportions IN OUR HOME.  Where are they coming from?  Why are they here?

And they are big.  And they are fat.  And they are S.L.O.W.  Disgustingly slow.  When they fly past you and you swat at them you actually make contact with their filthy bodies.  I think the air conditioning is making them lethargic.  This makes them easy to kill.  And I do.  I bam the hell out of them.

(Today, I was also going to post about how much I hope someday that my blogging friends will want to come to my house.  But I think I will let a few days go by between the “I have flies in my house” post and the “Do you want to come over for dinner?” post.)

My Son The Contrarian

Little Dude loves to be outside.  He is constantly trying to get outside.  However, if we are at playgroup and we all decide to go out, Little Dude spends his time trying to find a way back into the house.

Little Dude loves water.  You can NOT keep him out of the sink.  You can NOT keep him away from a drinking fountain.  If you are in the shower, he is coming in with YOU.  But, he does not want to go to the pool.  When we are at the pool, he says he wants to go home.  When we are at the pool, he gets out.  On Sunday he got OUT of the pool and played in the drinking fountain near the pool for 15 minutes.

Today the high was only in the mid-90’s.  SAG took the kids on a ride in the bike trailer after work.  He stopped at a nearby fountain.  Little Dude loves fountains.  He calls them “water falls.”  “Look, Mommy, look.  WATERFALL.”  I know all the business parks and subdivisions that have fountains or fake waterfalls in town.  Whenever possible I drive past his favorites.

I have been eyeing this fountain since we moved into our new house.  I have been thinking about taking the kids there but it has been too hot.  I have been wondering, “Will the contrarian think it is a pool, and therefore NOT go in it, or will he think it is a fountain, and therefore HAVE TO GO in it?”




9 responses

4 08 2011

Looks like a pool to me!! That is hilarious!!

4 08 2011

Fountpool pic: HI-larious.

4 08 2011

yup, fountpool definitely.

quick note on flies. my mom used to say “land sucker and die” to the fly and then “bam” them when they landed.

for my first 5 years of life i thought flies were called “land sucker and dies”

4 08 2011

oh, how I love how little dude thinks.

4 08 2011

Great photo! All my peaceful tendencies are absent when the ants start their annual march into my dining room.

5 08 2011

I LOVE that picture of him in the fountpool. Love it!

10 08 2011
Captain Murdock

When you blow up that pic of your school nun, could you send me a copy? I’ve read lots and lots of things this week I wish I hadn’t. Mostly, I just wish they weren’t possible 😦

19 08 2011
Sam's Mom

so the bug thing, yeah. Umm, I try not to. you know, the whole Buddhist thing. But this year that went down the toliet. Literally. We have an ant issue (boy, want to come to MY house??) and I feel uncomfortable just smushing them so I flush them. But come to think of it, that may be worse, right? I mean, would I rather drown or be smashed by a giant alien ship. I think the alien ship would be instant and therefore more desireable. Am I over thinking this??
Oh, and yes I do want to come over for dinner, flies or no flies.

7 11 2011

I find myself reading mostly benign articles then my eyes go to the poisonous comments. I am always shocked by how mean and nasty people can be, especially when aided by the anonymous shield of the internet.

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