Sunday Slideshow

7 08 2011

Last night during our seven hour road trip I stopped in two places I never stopped before.

The first gas station had this sign in the window…

Good thing I had my dog with me or they might not have let me use the bathroom.

Then at about 11 pm, I simply had to stop and use the bathroom.  I hate leaving the kids in the car and running in, but I haven’t figured out another system when they are sleeping.  I got off at an exit I wasn’t familiar with and there were no gas stations near the highway.  So I drove a short way into the small town and noticed this!

He is about two stories high and holding a hot dog much longer than either of my children.

Little Dude woke up just in time to see what is apparently Paul Bunyon.  Spelling “error” is intentional.  If you care to know why, go here.

“Look, Mom, Look!”

“I see it.”

“Get out.”

“Sorry, Hun.  I don’t think we are going to get out. But I will take a picture.”




3 responses

7 08 2011

You live near some crazy places, girl.

7 08 2011

haha!!! love the giant wiener….I mean…giant hot dog!

17 08 2011
Scooping it up

Completely bizarre. Also, I love the ‘no pets no service’ sign. This is discrimination against pre-free living! I am suing!

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