What You Can’t See On The Internet

17 08 2011

I did it.

A week ago last Sunday I had my first blog-friend date.

My kids were tired and hungry, but Meg and Sam were gracious anyway.

I managed to get together with Meg and Sam from Vicarious Cuteness.  We tried to make this happen last winter but illness prevented it.

I have a whole bunch of things I planned to talk to Meg about.  She has been in the Ethiopian adoptive community longer than I, and I know she has some wisdom I wanted to get my hands on.  Not to mention she seems to have some wonderful, vegetarian, low-fat recipes I want to hear more about.  But, alas, those topics never came up because I could not stop talking about her hair.

Fuzzy picture, but I am trying to let you all see why I was so distracted.

Seriously, the woman has inexplicably, perfect hair.  Both my sister (the yuppie republican who disagrees with me about everything) and I just kept gushing to Meg about her hair.  Of course my sister was not around when I was doing my gushing or she might not have done her own gushing.  But really, it was a nasty, muggy, mid-western morning.  The woman even did some jumping on a trampoline.  And when all was said and done, her hair was perfect.

I will say, walking around with Sam, who also sports some spectacular hair, probably puts pressure on Meg.  But, damn, she has some seriously nice hair.  (She is also funny and full of joy.)  If you have the opportunity to get together with her, do it.  But if you plan to take pictures, you may want to visit your stylist first.

Little Dude trying to teach Sam how to be naughty at an Ethiopian restaurant.



6 responses

17 08 2011
Megan b

Ok….once again I am jealous… Of her hair. And that you got hang out with a Meg and Sam that was not me. Jealous.

17 08 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

When we hang out with you it is going to be Meg, Sam and Sol! Two weeks.

17 08 2011
Sam's Mom

An entire post about my hair NOT written by ME. My husband would be so very proud (as he has to hear about my hair all the freakin time.) And yes, Sam really puts the pressure on. His hair is perfect. Mine is just nice.
We had an amazing visit with you guys. Just wish it would have been longer. I think we need to come your way for a weekend visit which will permit the long discussions over wine we desire. Maybe SAG can keep the kids in line?

17 08 2011

Thanks for the hair warning. I am soooooo not meeting this woman. You know how I am feeling about my hair lately.

*hangs head sheepishly*

18 08 2011

Oh wow. That *IS* good hair.

25 08 2011

I’d like to add that I saw Meg a few weeks ago when it was disgustingly hot outside and she hadn’t had electricity for 4 days and her hair was PERFECT. She hadn’t washed it because she had no blow dryer and it was still amazing. Mine was up in a clip.

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