Toddler Trick Thursday

18 08 2011

This was HIS idea.  Or maybe their idea (meaning the bird and Little Dude.)

He is NOT allowed to touch the cage.  Although I don’t think he found a way to open it and climb in without “touching” it.

But I had to take a couple pictures before giving him a time-out.

You would have, too.

And to all Children and Family Serv1ce Professionals – look – I opened the door, he refused to come out.  I repeat, this was HIS idea.




6 responses

18 08 2011

Bird doesn’t look amused.

18 08 2011

Funniest. Thing. EVER.

18 08 2011

Oh the feet.

BTW, I have a picture of Sonia peeking out from the dryer. Luckily we do not have a gas dryer. Not that that’s much better than electric but you know, I’m just saying.

18 08 2011
il panettiere...

LOVE this.

18 08 2011
Scooping it up

cut from the same cloth our boys. LOVE this. my only issue with this scenario is the falling poop, not so much the caging of a child. because in my case, it would be for his protection. Take that CPS.

19 08 2011

haha, to funny ! Love it !!

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