On a MUCH Lighter Note – Sort Of – BABY SHOWER

22 08 2011

Do you know that I have never hosted a shower in my life.  Not a bridal shower, not a baby shower and not a shower for a FIVER-YEAR-OLD.  (I have taken showers, but not nearly as often as I should in the last couple of years.)

Today I am hosting a virtual shower for an adoptive mother who, quite frankly, doesn’t need anything.  Okay, well she probably needs to change the name of her blog because the title “God Will Add” tempted the big guy and she is unexpectedly adopting the older sibling of her youngest son.  But I have already talked to her about that.  It is a very interesting story and to read more you can go back through her blog entries.

All in all she is more than 9 months into the wait trying to get back to Ethiopia so she can reunite the boys.  She finally got a court date – it is November.  Instead of mourning all this lost time, it is time to do something positive.

This shower is all about supporting people in Southern Ethiopia, specifically people who are starting to feel the effects of the drought.

So please, come to my shower.  I won’t make you wear a clothespin in an effort not to say the word baby.  I won’t make you dress up anyone in toilet paper or look at melted candybars in diapers.  But you could win some cool prizes, and oh yeah, help some people in the process.





2 responses

22 08 2011
Captain Murdock

I have THE BEST friends. Thank you so much.

And if anyone tries to guess the diameter of my abdomen using toilet paper, I might show my claws. But, feel free to guess the weight and date of delivery 🙂

22 08 2011

I love you SFM.

Murdock, I laughed outloud at your comment. Because today Bethany was squishing my belly and told me “I’m just pinching the baby”. So bring on the paper rolls cause apparently someone THINKS I’m pregnant anyway. Just to set the record straight, I’m not.

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