Wordless Wednesday

24 08 2011

Thirteen U.S. Dollars

One Month - 30 Days of Food

A 3-yr-old in Shanto - the area where your donation WILL GO. (photo by A. Powell AP)

Feed Hope – FOVC





7 responses

24 08 2011

Wow, powerful wordless Wedneday.

24 08 2011
Captain Murdock

Love and hate this post. Love it that you’re getting the word out and hopefully FOVC will have more funds to fight this horrible, horrible situation.

Hate it that this is even possible in our world in 2011 😦

24 08 2011

i’m sitting here complaining about being full from dinner. you know, the dinner that just cost us $52. (we only spent that much cause it’s our anniversary) that’s just ONE meal to feed TWO people. after I hit the “post comment” button below, i will get myself up off the couch and go get my debit card and go make a donation. and since i don’t have kids of my own to hug, go hug yours for me. thanks.

24 08 2011
Semi-Feral mama

I hope you and muffinpants had a great dinner. Thanks for your donation, I suspect you will hit me up later in the year for your place of employment.

25 08 2011
tamara b

wow. as you can imagine, my contacts are now good and moist now. i just read jamey’s post and thought of a way i could challenge msyelf. i can cut out coffees for the next 4 months and give that money to FOVC’s Feed Hope project. i’m sure as i think about it, i can come up with more ways to personally give.

29 08 2011

After spending all sorts of money on fast food for cancer-dog, I did donate to Feed Hope this week. Thanks for reminding me to give and sharing an easy way for me to help.

29 08 2011

I stole the sad picture from above for my blog today.

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