Bragging Again

27 08 2011

This week I discovered a used book store that I had never been to before.

I found ALL of these books on a single shelf.

In case you are feeling a bit too jealous – this week I also got poison ivy all over my forearms and one knee.

I can’t seem to stop itching to start reading.




2 responses

27 08 2011

oh my, I pity you heartfully about the poison ivy. it is brutal. I am one of those people (since I am commiserating and all) who gets the rash that swells up and instead of a bunch of little bumps I get one huge red festering glump on my body part. I itch it incessantly, particularly in the middle of the night as the sheets tend to set it off. I have had it all summer thanks to the beasts for whom I fend. That being said, I am very jealous, nonetheless, about the books. Should you feel the need to send anything to a friend, let me know. I have things you might enjoy yourself. Have you read “The Dirty Life?” I can’t say enough about this book. Loved. It.

29 08 2011
The Lost Planetista

Ooooh- you’re going to be a smarty pants when you’re done with all of those. Can you do book reviews, too when you’re done?

*OMG- I totally laughed my ass off at your blog comment you left about me painting half assed tornadoes near your house! too funny! Don’t worry- I think we share a very similar sense of humor! 🙂

**sorry for using the word “ass” twice on your blog comments just now. Guess I just used it a third time. 🙂

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