The Answers She Needs

3 09 2011

I wrote this post last year and I don’t think I have anything new or different to say this year.  Hopefully by this date next year everyone will have the answers they need.

One year ago today my son’s life changed.  And in the future he will probably have many, many questions about that day.  And I, unfortunately, have very, very few answers.  On the other side of the world somewhere there is another mother who must have questions about what that day led to.  And I have the answers she needs.

Your son, our son, is happy.  He is healthy.  He laughs all the time.  He loves to run and play in the rain.  I have no way to tell you this.  I have no way to let you know.  I hope somehow you feel it, as I hope that in the future, when he thinks about “that day,” he will feel your love and know that every choice that you made, every action that you took, was rooted in the deep love you have for him.




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3 09 2011

LOVE! I’ve written this same letter to my daughters’ birthmothers every year myself. Even though they will never see it. I just hope that they know it in their hearts as surely as they have known anything.

4 09 2011
Scooping it up

there is a 60% we are going on a family hunt in the next five months. hope we all get our answers soon.

9 09 2011

Wow, I wrote a poem last spring that is so similar.

I feel it, I feel you.

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