My Week In Photos

10 10 2011


Met up with friends from Oregon at the St. Louis Zoo.

I loved when I got to parent around this lady on a regular basis. Creative, patient, calm... she made me a better parent.

The zoo is free. We paid $9 to ride the carousel.

I took a million pics of this zebra's behind. I was obsessing on his cool pattern.


Pretty much everyone in the family was sick at this point.


Sick or not, I had to get the video done for the fundraiser I was co-hosting on Sunday. Actually happy with the final product but I can't show it to you because it features a child whose adoption is not yet complete.

Nothing cures a cold like sunshine in a park.

No reason to EVER go easy. Ride 'em, Cowgirl.


When your good friend is having a miscarriage there is so little you can do. Spending time with her darling daughter hardly seems enough.


Pumpkin Patch in the morning.

These friends arrived from Iowa in the evening. (Confession - this picture was taken Sunday.)


Morning spent with friends, afternoon spent driving, evening spent out, night spent away from kids (first time since Little Dude joined our family.)


The day I co-hosted the "baby shower" which was actually a benefit for Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC)

The shower honored this woman who took the time to prove white women really can cook injera.

I will post more about the shower specifically later this week.

Right now I just need a day of recovery.  I am, tired, happy, sad, relieved and for some crazy reason looking for the next project.




6 responses

10 10 2011

so jealous I couldn’t make it this time. next time. I promise!

11 10 2011
Captain Murdock

WHAT? who told you I was white? 😉

11 10 2011
Sam's Mom

that cake looks amazing! did you do that?
boy you had a full week. I swear “stay at home” is like retirement** and you are actually busier than the rest of us.
**I don’t mean the Boca Ratan set. My g’pa became a congressional lobbiest when he “reitred” and was 10x busier than when he was “actively employed”

11 10 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

No, wish I had done the cake. It also tasted good!

11 10 2011

Well, I am tired just reading about it all!!
And I’m sure if we think about it long enough, we can come up with another project!!

11 10 2011

Hey, I kno you did a lot of cool stuff this week, but I’m afraid my vote for coolest thing goes to that awesome zebra butt.

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