Rhyme Time – Fun Size

14 10 2011

A collection of things I thought about this week, brought to you in “fun size” packages (because my thoughts are not profound enough for full size or king size posts.)

Rhyme Time

At three-and-a-half, PJ loves to rhyme.  Some of the rhymes are funny.  Most of the rhymes are nonsense words.  But the clever girl discovered a new one last week and both she and her brother like to say it to me over-and-over again… “Selam, Mom”

On A Serious Note

In general I am politically skeptical.  Since most wars are political, and I prefer innocent children not to die, in general I am against war.  On the other hand, I often look at the atrocities around the world and wonder, “What is the point of having our advanced, extreme military if we don’t use it to protect the innocent?”  And by innocent, I am again, referring to children (not oil wells).  And I do not think only American children are innocent.

Anyhow, I am HAPPY to see us sending troops to Uganda.  Yep, happy to see us sending troops.  Wow, is that a weird sentence to type.  To read more go here.

He Knows What He Needs

I love living in a college town.  I love the energy, the diversity, the cultural opportunities that wouldn’t be available in other similar size cities.  This weekend is homecoming and we will be going to a parade, a street event with a spirit rally, decorations and skits.

Earlier this week we attended an event at the bookstore on campus.  When we were leaving I realized SAG was probably also about to walk out of his office.  I quickly called him and we agreed to meet by his building so Little Dude could ride home with him.  Both kids love to ride in “Big Daddy Truck” (never mind that SAG is skinny and the truck is not that big).  I pulled into a parking lot, got the kids out of the van and we started walking up the street towards SAG’s office.  We all met up on the sidewalk, then headed back to the vehicles.

As per usual, Little Dude was blazing his own trail at top speed.  He ran up to the building near where we parked and stood peering into the doors.  We had to go drag him away.  Any guesses what building it was?




3 responses

15 10 2011

I’m feeling really hopeless about a lot of the consequences from war lately. Still, I can’t say I was sad to see that we were sending a troops to Uganda. The LRA has destroyed the lives of so many people~

16 10 2011

Peter’s rhyming these days as well. Have you read Shel Silverstein to her?

17 10 2011

I just love this sentence:

Since most wars are political, and I prefer innocent children not to die, in general I am against war.

Brilliantly put!

by the way, I read the rhyme and thought ‘hey! That doesn’t rhyme!’ Then I tried it again with an American accent (in my head) and yep, it rhymes 🙂

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