Sunday Snapshot

16 10 2011

A trampoline in the basement, all of a sudden I am not so afraid of the long, cold winter. Why are there floating, light orbs in the picture? I have no idea. Hopefully some sort of angels that will keep the kids safe while the jump.




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16 10 2011
Scooping it up

What trampoline? Where you get it, and how tall is it? Asks the mother afraid of winter with a sensory seeking group of crazies. I mean, lovely children.

16 10 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I bought it from Captain Murdock at God Will Add
( ). I was going to buy the same one at Sam’s Club but there seemed to be a difference of opinion between the Captain and her husband! So our family scored. I know there is also a version at Toys R Us that our friends have that my kids also love.
Um, the trampoline says you need to have 24 feet of clearance above the top!!! Yep, even Little Dude can’t figure out how to get 24 feet in the air (although he has already climbed the sides of it.)

17 10 2011
Captain Murdock

Ha ha ha! It’s more like Captain Murdock said “that will never work. The toddlers will still want to jump on the big kid tramp” and then husband bought one anyway, and guess what? The wife was right, and the toddlers were not interested in the toddler tramp. It took them a week to even notice it wasn’t in the backyard.

16 10 2011

And having the bar fully stocked and within arms reach makes it absolutely perfect architectural planning!

17 10 2011

Oh, this is SUCH GOOD planning. I love it.

I want one.

I’m totally jealous.

17 10 2011

That is amazing! I think I need to find a kiddie treadmill for winter for my boy who loves to run and run and run

17 10 2011

Hah, my husband’s installing one in our garage. And btw, why did you not let me know you were interested in a trampoline? We’re kind of in the business you know.

18 10 2011

Hahaha, you put that beast in the basement. Love it!!!

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