Catchy Title That Makes You Read This Post

17 10 2011

Captain Murdock and I were in the same travel group in May 2010 to
pick up our sons. Captain Murdock lives two hours from me. Together, with a
huge amount of help from a variety of friends, she and I have raised close to
$6,000 to help famine victims in Shanto, Ethiopia.

Even this self-avowed agnostic knows that if you name your blog “God Will
Add” strange things will happen.  Captain Murdock is traveling very soon for her court date so that
she can eventually bring home the older biological brother of her adopted son.

To bridge the language barrier and ease the transition for her new
six-year-old son she created an amazing flip, picture book with phrases in Amharic
and English. I can’t really think of a great way to describe it. If you know
what I am talking about, you immediately have a picture in your head. If not,
you are probably thinking, WHAT? Either way, you can click here to see it. Most
importantly you can click there to find out how to “purchase” one.

Why “purchase” in parenthesis? because the good Captain
is not actually selling the books. She will send you one for free if you make a
donation to Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC). Instead of me
giving you all the details, go here. Really, go here.

This book will be a great tool if you are adopting an older
Ethiopian child, already have an older Ethiopian child or are trying to learn
basic Amharic.

While you are at her blog, if you poke around you will find a link to a version of the video I recently made as part of the fundraiser.  If you are currently waiting to bring a son home from Ethiopia you will either particularlly enjoy the music, or hate me for making you watch it.

Captain Murdock on the left, Tamara (who is helping Ethiopian farmers develop more sustainable practices through FOVC) in the middle. And me on the right.




2 responses

18 10 2011

quite a powerful group of people there in that picture. Amazing work, all of you.

18 10 2011
Captain Murdock

SFM – thank you so much for the pub! I must be careful what I ask for, and what I name things (new years resolution in the works?) I have more books to make and mail than time, but I am blessed to have such a task. So far this little fundraiser has raised well over $400 for FOVC!!!! How cool is that?

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