This Should Be Wordless Wednesday

30 11 2011

This post would be better off never written.  This should be a wordless post with a quick caption.  But I am feeling ornery (a 17 day visit from my mother-in-law will do that every time.)

Hairstyles of black children adopted by white mothers is a frequent topic of conversation on the internet.  I have an opinion about this – but at this point it isn’t worth sharing.  EVERYONE has an opinion about this – you stick with yours – I’ll stick with mine.

And yet I feel the need to say, if you judge me because of my kids’ hairstyles, I really did not want to be friends with you anyway.   If we never become friends because of my kids’ hair, you have saved me a whole lot of time and disappointment.  I am grateful that I didn’t spend the energy becoming friends with you only to find out later that you and I have different priorities.

In the meantime – PJ gave Little Dude a haircut.





13 responses

30 11 2011

I’m with you on the friends/hair thing!

Noah tried to give Little T a haircut recently. We quickly came to the conclusion that we didn’t know what we were up against, and off to the barber he went.

30 11 2011

No judging here! I actually think you should be sainted for having your MIL visit for 17 days. Whew…

30 11 2011

Why oh why can’t I comment? Because this sooooooo deserves I comment.

30 11 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

I was having a VERY bad day until I saw that LEIGH is back! Hurray.

30 11 2011

HEY SF. Don’t look now but I think I can leave comments again. Shhhhhhh! Don’t tell the computer.

30 11 2011

anybody who is judging you will also be judging me. Especially since I started delegating some of the hairstyling to my husband.

30 11 2011
Sam's Mom

SF: I’m only friends with you because of YOUR hair.

30 11 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Yeah – I don’t think so. I am only friends with YOU because of YOUR hair – hell, I wrote a whole post about YOUR hair.

30 11 2011

This made me smile. I love it.

30 11 2011

I just can’t even come up with a thing. It could be so many things, start with not judging hair and go on down the list…

30 11 2011
Captain Murdock

lol. I was enjoying your little FB debate with crazy all-boys-must-have-short-hair-if-you-love-them lady! I absolutely love it when Taz’s hair gets long because he has the most amazing curls. Well that, and the fact that cutting it is pure TORTURE!

But, now I’m afraid it just looks like LD has a huge patch of ringworm on the back of his head.

Since it looks like I’m not being hailed back to ET anytime soon, we should plan another get together soon!

30 11 2011
Scooping it up

I still have leftover hives from the hair debate. Not because I didn’t respect some of the opinions being shared, but because the way I was attacked. Teach me, share with me, don’t be a bitch is a good internet philosophy.

This picture slays me. And I love you.

9 12 2011

Oh my! Poor little dude.

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