Best Childrens’ Book Ever Has A Companion

1 12 2011

My favorite children’s book ever is

I posted about it here.

This book is good for ANY CHILD.  Wait, that might not be totally true.  If a child is being raised to believe skin color is the way to judge a person, then his parents won’t want him to see this book.  Otherwise, it should be in the library of every parent and classroom around the world.

Guess what???

I just discovered,

the authors have

another book.







There is a God.

Same great photography.

Same straightforward text.

Language that VERY FEW people in the triad could be offended by.  (Of course there is always someone in the triad, somewhere, that wants to be offended.  And I will admit, this book doesn’t FOCUS on loss.  But it doesn’t make it sound like anyone should be grateful or that gumdrops, roses and unicorns fill the sky.  It does say that “Most” kids are happy.)

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for A TEACHER?  How about a friend with a new child?

Both of these books belong in the library of every educator and every child around the world.  Wait, I already said that.  Yeah, I am really repetitive when I am trying to make a point.




9 responses

1 12 2011

Shades of People was just recommended to me today. It’s in my Amazon cart right now. Now I’ll go add this one, too. Thanks for the tip!

1 12 2011
The Lost Planetista

Shades of People rules! I can’t believe there’s another one. Huffing and puffing as I run out the door to find it locally!

1 12 2011

Thanks for the tip. I’m always looking to add good stuff to our home library.

1 12 2011
Scooping it up

A VERY similar book you will love about hair with a strong focus on celebrating African textured hair is called Hair Dance.

Thanks for the tip!

1 12 2011
Semi-Feral Mama

Yeah, we like “Hair Dance”. But, oh, we LOVE “Shades.”

2 12 2011

I’m still over the moon happy that I can comment on your blog. 🙂

I have “shades of people” and now I’m getting the new one! yay, thanks SF!

2 12 2011

Both look awesome.

4 12 2011
tamara b

I’m guessing you know what made me smile most about this post.

5 12 2011
Captain Murdock

I just got on Amazon and they are telling me “I’m Adopted” isn’t released yet, but is available for pre-order. How did you get your hands on it?

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