Which Came First

29 12 2011

Holidays often make me feel guilty and put me in a funk.

Spending time with my family (of origin) often makes me feel guilty and puts me in a funk.

Being sick often makes me feel guilty and puts me in a funk.

This past weekend I was with my family for the holidays and I was sick.  The perfect Christmas storm – bah humbug.

The clouds should be parting.  I am no longer with my family and the major holiday, for all intents and purposes, is over. 

I am, however, still stupidly ill.  My voice sounds like it is coming out of the top of my head.  If it becomes any higher pitched I am sure only my dog will be able to hear me.

I think I am feeling better then I get out of bed and try to get something done – like vacuuming – or brushing my teeth – and I break out into a sweat.  Then I try to talk and I break out in a squeak.  Then I go back to bed where I wallow in my guilt, my funk and a mountain of used tissue.

My husband has been staying home in an effort to help combat the funk and the guilt and also to take care of the kids (see I am not the center of the Universe – I know that I still have kids).  I feel guilty when my husband stays home to take care of the kids.  It puts me in a funk.

I am in a funk so I feel guilty. 

I feel guilty because I am in a funk. 

If the chicken and the egg argument is all about which came first, the guilt and the funk conversation should be all about how to end the cycle.

If the guilt equaled the chicken and the funk equaled the egg, I would scramble the funk and eat it.  As for the chicken, well, I would like to cut off its head and eat it too, but after 16 years of being a pescatarian that would make me feel guilty. 

Damn chicken.




7 responses

29 12 2011

Damn funk. Damn guilt. Scrambled eggs? Yum.
Here’s to hoping to feel better soon!

29 12 2011

I’m going to find the best New Yorker cartoon ever for you. Hold tight while I look…

30 12 2011

Chickens! I love talking about chickens! Oh wait, you are really talking about guilt and being in a funk. There are some very ugly icky germs out there this season. These holiday seasons come with such high expectations attached nowadays, it is impossible to feel okay with it.

30 12 2011
The Lost Planetista

I love you, funny lady.
Sick here, too- and funky and guilty too. Yesterday I felt like the worst mother because I could only wallow around on the sofa and not play. The guilt is the salt in the wound!
*p.s. do you think guys feel guilty when they’re sick? I’ve never known one who has.

30 12 2011
Captain Murdock

Are you seeing a theme? Every time (and by that I mean both times) our families try to celebrate Genna together a plague falls on one of our households, making everyone deathly ill.

And, I always wondered what the word pescatarian meant. Now I know 😉 Thanks for bringing humor and education to this midwest girl.

30 12 2011

GO TO THE DOCTOR! There are really nasty things out there this year. My DH had pneumonia and didn’t even know it. Please, please, please go to the doctor for a chest x-ray or at least to have him/her listen to you. My DH was sick off and on for a while with a low grade fever and finally went in and bang! Pneumonia. He got antibiotics and within two days felt better.
Don’t dawdle. Hie! Get thee yon to thy healer. What other freaky words do I need to say to convince you?

Do it.

31 12 2011

So sorry about the lurgy; even more about the guilt. Hope you’re feeling a bit better.

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