2011 Top Tens

31 12 2011

It is the time of year to post Top Ten lists.  Everybody is doing it.  So I will, too.  Afterwards I will be looking for a bridge to jump off of (… because if everybody was jumping off a bridge…)

Theoretically these lists are about the entire year of 2011, but the truth is I can barely remember the last 12 minutes let alone the last 12 months.  So, MY first three lists are probably more Top Ten of the Last Ten Days.



Top Ten  Most Endearing Things About My Daughter

10.  She has learned to go to bed in her own room

9.  She loves to “read”

8.  She always asks to listen to classical music in the car

7.  She is very proud of all things Ethiopian

6.  She likes school

5.  She is friendly and for the most part polite

4.  She is relatively easy going and enjoys novel situations

3.  She is both intentionally and unintentionally funny, but is not easily embarrassed, so it is all good

2.  She potty-trained easily and does not need reminders

1.  She is my daughter – the best ever



Top Ten Most Endearing Things About My Son

10.  He gallops everywhere

9.  He is super polite and his current way of asking for something is “May I please have X? Please?”

8.  He gives the BEST kisses

7.  He is relatively easy going and enjoys novel situations

6.  He is both intentionally and unintentionally funny but is not easily embarrased, so it is all good

5.  He is tolerant of his sister’s bossy-ness

4.  The way he says, “My Mommy” and “My Daddy”

3.  His amazing memory

2.  His smile, his eyes, his smell, his skin….

1.  He is my son – the best ever



Top Ten Most Endearing Things About My Husband

10.  His cleaning

9.  His cooking

8.  His technical abilities

7.  His laugh

6.  His driving

5.  The way all animals love him

4.  His patience when I am at my worst

3.  His relationship with PJ

2.  His relationship with Little Dude

1.  The fact that he hasn’t left me despite me giving him plenty of reason to



Top Ten Great Things That Happened To Our Family

10.  We got a property manager and renter for our home in Oregon (he is now being evicted, but hey…)

9.  We got part of our 2010 tax refund (not the big part because the IRS hates adopters, but hey….)

8.  We were able to pay off the money we owed my sister

7.  SAG learned to successfully navigate the stupid politics of his job

6.  SAG and I were able to get away as a couple for a quick weekend

5.  An old friend moved to our new town significantly increasing the laughter in our house on Saturday nights

4.  We developed new friendships with people we really, really like

3.  We spent lots of time with the kids’ cousins and other extended family

2.  We bought a house that really feels like a home (really, really, I feel a sense of peace in this home that I have not had in any other home)

1.  Despite a variety of viruses, a bounty of bruises, a gazillion goose-eggs, an angry absess resulting in a raging root-canal, we have our health.  This is something that is noted and appreciated daily.  We are lucky in so many ways.




4 responses

31 12 2011

I love this idea! What a great set of top tens. And my favourite is your little man galloping everywhere. I can just see it.

1 01 2012

Love the Top 10. If I had a Top 10 I would put your top 10 list on my list of top 10 lists. 😉

2 01 2012

love it! Happy new year!

4 01 2012

I love these! What a wonderful glimpse in to your family!

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