I Feel Like I Haven’t Seen You In ForEVER

31 01 2012

So, What’s Up?

I joined a 90 day health challenge.  It is based on percentage of body fat lost.  I am going to the gym, alot.  And, I am spending a ton of time logging stuff on my Lose It app.  I heart my Lose It app.  No worthwhile results to share yet, but I do remember that I love to workout.  And I have gone to Zumba – twice.  If you were dying of cancer and needed laugh therapy, I might make a videotape of myself in a Zumba class.  But you aren’t, so oh well.

PJ stayed home from school today with a minor cold.  I dragged her to the gym with me.  And she must have been feeling pretty darn sick because she behaved like a dream child.

We have a stray dog living at our house (again).  PJ named her Hey, then changed it to Hay Bale.  I changed it to Hailey.  Then PJ changed it to Bailey.  She is a purebred Wheaten Terrier and doesn’t seem to care what we call her.  Tomorrow I will take her to get groomed.  This is a luxury my own dog is NEVER allowed.  But then, we are not so neglectful that half of his body would be covered in mats.  Some people shouldn’t have dogs.

My Aunt Patsy died today.  I really liked my Aunt Patsy.  I haven’t seen her much as an adult; my sister’s wedding, my wedding, maybe once since.  But I always found her intriguing.  She was the black sheep of my father’s siblings.  According to family, and I don’t know first-hand because my parents never took me there, she lived in a big, falling down farmhouse in upstate New York.  She had a bunch of kids and they had a bunch of kids.  And they were just enough older than my sister and I to be legitimate hippies.   At the farmhouse there was a ghost and a nasty billy goat.

I wish I had known her better.

I joined PinterestCaptain Murdock made me do it.  I keep getting messages that say, “So-and-So is following you on Pinterest.”  And I want to yell, “Don’t!  Don’t follow me.  I do not plan to use this.  I do not even know what it is.  Please don’t follow me.”  Then I think, “Do I have to follow her?”  “Is that the only polite thing to do?”  “What are my obligations to someone I am following?”  The whole thing reminds me of when I joined iVillage – my user name was Not A Joiner.  There is a reason I am Not A Joiner – I can’t take the pressure.

On the other hand, finally taking down our Christmas decorations joining Pinterest made me decorate our fireplace area.  And I am happy with the results.  Is that something I am supposed to post on Pinterest?  Would my followers see it?  Would they want to come to my house to see it in person?  Do I need to clean the kitchen floor?  This is all too much for me.

And, in order to decorate the area I went to three craft stores – one of them twice.  I no longer hate craft stores, but man, those places are like time machines.  I go in at 1:25 pm and come out at 3:15 pm – what was I doing?  where did that time go?  and do I really need these four, six-foot-long sticks?

Back to the working out thing.  I remember how much I love to work out.  But I also remember how much work exercise is.  And I don’t mean the gym part, I mean the laundry, and the extra showers, and the bath towels always being wet, and the keeping track of a water bottle, and the charging the iPod and the where the hell did I put my tennis shoes this time?

I miss being here on a regular basis.  I want to blog more.  I also want to be skinny healthy and have a beautiful home, and a fun social life, and happy children, and world peace.  Oh, and I really want to ignore all things political and news-ish.  But it seems I can’t.  Do you think the moon will have statehood before D.C. or Puerto Rico?

My husband is funny.  When I sent him a picture of Hay Bale entitled “look what we found” he texted back, “Did Scolly get a cut and color?”

Our dog, Scolly.

Top view of Hay Bale. Although she is probably at least five times as big as Scolly.


This Is NOT A Political Post

26 01 2012

I can be a pretty intense person.  I have had moments in my professional career where I let my passion get the best of me, where my effort to get my point across made me lose my composure.  I have raised my voice.  I have certainly sworn (although not AT a person – but about a problem.  Of course that distinction could easily have been lost on the person I was communicating with.)  I remember once banging my hand on a table. In fact I remember it vividly.  Because it makes me cringe.  And I would never, ever defend any of this behavior.

I would LOVE to blame these moments on the people with whom I shared them.  I can picture their faces in my head.  To this day, I am pretty sure in every instance I was actually correct.  I can justify my frustration.  But I can not, and will not, justify my behavior.

There is no justification for rude behavior.

You don’t actually have to respect a person, what they believe or even their job title, but you absolutely have to treat them respectfully.  It is called being professional.  It is how business is done.  It is also what makes living on this over-crowded planet a joyous experience and not just one irritating confrontation after another.

Passionate people often make the best leaders.  Passion ignites the fire that makes things happen.  But passion is not an excuse for being obnoxious.

And either is politics.

(Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP)

Giving Governor Brewer the benefit of the doubt, maybe her passion got the best of her.

But the fact that instead of apologizing she and her staff are justifying her behavior is appalling.

Regardless of party affiliation, I don’t want the elected leaders of this country to behave like guests on The Jerry Springer Show.

*I was going to end this post with something quip-ey about returning to our regularly scheduled program about parenting, except, to some degree, isn’t this situation really about parenting?

Hey Blogspot, Kiss My…

25 01 2012

I know it can’t be just me.

Ever since the recent blogspot changes that are supposed to enable comment threads, I am unable to comment on blogspot blogs 99% of the time.

Fellow bloggers, you really are not missing much when you don’t get my comments.  But I want you to know I am still reading your words, they are moving me and I probably have plenty to say about them.

Until blogger figures it out, I will just be sitting here talking to myself.

Sunday Slideshow

22 01 2012

Only the second official birthday party the kids have ever been to.

I am afraid we have set them up for a future of disappointment… “What?  No Pony???”

Just Say The Word – I Can Help

19 01 2012

My friend Captain Murdock is carrying a huge load of adoption junk.  A HUGE load, as in, her husband had to drop everything and fly off to Ethiopia because these are loving, ethical people who made promises to two boys and a man in Ethiopia and when a bureaucratic black hole appeared out of nowhere threatening to destroy lives, they knew they had to act.

Their family was prepared to accept whatever the truth may be, but the need to find out the truth required international flights, a mother unexpectedly having to care for her four children with no back up for a few weeks and, well, I won’t hazard a guess as to how much money.  Not to mention the stress… I can’t imagine.  I really can’t (and I have a good imagination.)

So I thought I would be helpful.  I could hop in my minivan, throw in my children and have an impromptu over-night visit.

My goal: to provide a distraction.

And I am sure I distracted the Captain.

Should you ever be in similar circumstances and want me to help, here are some of the distractions I can provide:

I can arrive two hours later than promised making all hope of you going to the grocery store, the single thing you asked me to help with, go out the window.

I will also promise to make you dinner then show up empty-handed.

I will allow you to provide food for both my children and me (even after you have said the cupboards are bare.)

If you are the praying type, I can make sure my children talk loudly to me, while yours try to talk respectfully to God.

When your children go to bed, mine will start to play musical bedrooms.

I will move any pets that you keep in cages to the middle of the hallway – where my children will have to commune with them, loudly and often.

When I can not get my kids to go to bed, I will give up and ask you to help.

When they still won’t go to bed, I will let them run around your entire house until 11 pm, ensuring you do not get any adult interaction – just in case that is what you were craving.

In fact, my kids and I will ensure you can not concentrate on talking to your husband on the phone should he happen to call from Ethiopia.

Also, the alone time that is the only thing keeping you sane?, we will distract you from it with generalized shenanigans such as gymnastics on your furniture, and a need to repeatedly check on your pet who is trying to sleep right outside the room where your kids are also trying to sleep.

I will get out of bed in the morning wearing the same outfit I arrived in 16 hours before (minus my bra of course.)

I will remain in that outfit until Noon – leaving you to wonder – isn’t that what she was wearing yesterday?

I can provide short-term babysitting, but only for half of your children, because we all know that is as many as I can handle.

My kids might climb on your furniture.

My kids could get out every toy your kids own.

One of my kids could pee on the floor.

I could demand you bring me a soda that meets my high-maintenance needs and then forget to even offer to pay for it.

I might even consider mocking you if you have any habits that I am A. jealous of and B. that you might be taking to an extreme (in my humble opinion) (I really should have taken a picture of her ORGANIZED pantry.  I am a little surprised her children aren’t all uniformly sized and labled).

My kids will use your sink – repeatedly.

My daughter might decide to create the lunch menu and expect you to serve it to everyone.

After lunch, my kids will stick a hand-towel in your sink and turn on the water ensuring you will be distracted later by cleaning and laundry.

After I have been at your house for approximately 20 hours and you have fed my family three complete meals, I will decide to leave.

But not until you give me amazing parting gifts….  preferably from Ethiopia.

Keep in mind, these services are provided free of charge assuming you live within a reasonable driving distance (or someplace beautiful that I have always wanted to visit.)  Also, I have to like you.  I mean, I wouldn’t just do this for anyone.

Wordless Wednesday

18 01 2012

Martin Luther King, Jr Candlelight Celebration

A Beautiful Day – A Beautiful Walk

16 01 2012

Sunny and 65, let's go for a post-nap walk in the woods.

This kid hates to wear shoes. The creek bed was dry - no problem...

You would think that I would make him wear matching socks since I pretty much know he will be showing them to the world. (Of course given a chance he takes those off, as well.)

Looking for fish in the not-so-dry creek.

Could the smiles look any more canned? I don't care - they are beautiful.

Duh! Can you see PJ looking at Little Dude like "oh no you didn't"?

Fully submerged.

Dad goes in for the save.

Too bad we didn't catch any fish.

You can tell how guilty he felt - not.

Good thing he is this handsome. And, I will give him this, he was smart enough not to complain about having a cold, wet foot on the way back to the car.