Haiku Now – Please

5 01 2012

Reminder Haiku

Only two more days

To play.  You know you want to.

Haiku – It is fun



Peer Pressure Haiku

Don’t be afraid, please.

You will thank me once you try.

The cool kids do it.



My Issue Haiku

What is it with me

And Haiku? why do I care?

No explanation.



Guilt Haiku

So easy to please.

Just one little poem from you.

Makes me feel much joy.



Threatening Haiku

If you don’t Haiku

I will give you a time-out

Or not. Oh well.  Damn.




7 responses

5 01 2012

Little black boots

I am powerful
swaying my hips while walking
three inch heels of love

5 01 2012
Sandy Shaw

Desk cleaned off…for now.
Resolutions under way
Now, a treat for me. Yes?

5 01 2012

Ooh, Meg, you go girly. I added one on the other post. I am sending you vibes of healthy well-being, SFMama.

5 01 2012

O.M.G. the pressure. THE PRESSURE! Even Christine is e-mailing me reminders to do the damn haiku.

I do not work well in short form.

6 01 2012

Here’s some more to add to the pot:

Serotonin love song

Peaks, valleys always
a rollercoaster each day
screw you bipolar

‘Fro Zone

Beautiful ringlets
I’m warning you now: hands off
Do not touch Sam’s hair


Broiling emotions
our family dysfunction
leaving me broken

6 01 2012

And at SF’s specific request:


The hunk of metal
too deep, pushing on my lungs
why’d the bitch leave it?

6 01 2012
The Lost Planetista

Adoption Haiku:

Shooting stars outside
referral that never comes

Haiku Sucks:

Sixty three degrees
my haiku brain is played out
what to blame? sunshine

Let Me Win the Book Haiku:

Who’s Doctor Rick Hodes?
is he a super hero?
enigmatic man

Primal Wound Haiku:

Fuck you, primal wound
stalking my child in her sleep-
morning always comes.

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