You Still Have Time

7 01 2012

I am not going to randomly pick the Haiku winner until tonight.  (Probably about 9 pm CST.)  So there is still time to get your Haikus posted.

I just received six more by email.  That lowers the odds for everyone else who has already entered.  Just saying – you might want to Haiku a few more times today.

Here are some more topic ideas:  spring weather in January, politics (I haven’t received any with political themes), Genna (Ethiopian Christmas) or even sex (I have a feeling that some people write Haikus about sex).  You can always comment anonymously and if you win, you can contact me by email.  Your Haiku secrets will be safe with me.

So far the most common themes are illness and not wanting to Haiku.  Despite your reluctance, you have made me laugh and touched my heart.  Thank you.




19 responses

7 01 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Two from Lynn with a Coffee Theme


With cream please and thanks

I’m a liquid bliss junky

Caffeinated high

. . .

I love my coffee

Breastfeeding baby does not

Sacrafice? Uhm well…

7 01 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Two from Lynn about her 12-wk-old Daughter


I saw myself in

your eyes today and there was

the very best me.

. . .

Waking up you grunt

a lot and fart, too. Your dad

says, “Just like your mom!”

7 01 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Two from Lynn about her 11-yr-old Son


Damn sickness got you

on tournament day again.

Really pissed you off!

. . .

You are a thinker.

Contemplating questions that

others your age don’t.

7 01 2012
Scooping it up

I’m sorry you’re ill
helping you feels like drowning
i swim away, safe

7 01 2012

at kindergarten
our children grow, learn
songs, games, and bad words

7 01 2012

too wet for sledding,
too snowy for bike riding,
only nerves get hot.

7 01 2012

wait, make that winter nerves

7 01 2012
Sam's Mom

You want politics? okay then.

To Michelle with Love

Crazy wacko broad
a woman again woman’s
rights? Glad she is out.

7 01 2012

sweet boy, far away
they say “joyful” “rambunctious”
when will I know you?

7 01 2012

Statesmanship is lost
Can’t talk about politics
wanted: good person

7 01 2012

Sex? No time for that
These days have preschoolers plus
time to write haiku.

7 01 2012

Haikus about sex
Please don’t Google those words
You won’t be surprised

7 01 2012

Started Weight Watchers
Prefer chocolate to points
Someone bring me snacks

8 01 2012

Taking the sick dog
To the beach for the last time
We’ll miss you Dante

8 01 2012

Prednisone can suck
But if it brings you some ease
You can pee inside

8 01 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

An exclusive club
You really don’t want to join
Four dogs to one – sucks

8 01 2012

Feeling more yourself
Today brought you back a bit
Thanks for saying hi

8 01 2012

Unplanned day off work
The possibilities are
Wide and limitless

8 01 2012

How many more can
I write before the deadline

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