Haiku Winner

8 01 2012

I think I was the big winner in this whole thing, because I loved your entries.  And I loved trying to write in Haikus.  And I think I might be over my inability to stop Haikuing – I may be able to Haiku by choice not compulsion.

I happen to love a well placed swear word, or a very pretty Christian girl writing “sucks big balls” in a poetry contest.  And I really loved all the ones about being a parent.  Those about waiting and, of course, the Lost Planetista about the Primal Wound moved me.  Knowing some of the writers and what’s behind their words, a dying dog, crazy medical malpractice, etc… felt like a privilege.  Thank you.

Of course,  I also loved all the begging and complaining.  Funny, I didn’t receive a single one about rainbows, unicorns or gum-drops falling from the sky…. isn’t this supposed to be an adoption blog of sorts?

Here’s One

International Adoption – My Peeps

Rainbows and Gum-Drops

Unicorns dancing on-high

That’s not the real world.

Finally, pictures of me drawing the winner.

Kevin, aka Frank James, was our usual Saturday night date. So I had him do the honors.

There were 67 entries. I wrote them on individual coupons that were about to expire. They were all uniform in size and I really liked that.
We put the papers in the blocks bucket and mixed them up a bit. (Is this like the Academy Awards where the guy comes out and explains the methodology and no one cares?)
Kevin makes everything more fun!
And the winner is Lauren – with an entry she sent in on the last day.
Her name up close because I wanted to make sure no one thought I was cheating.

Lauren entered twice on the last day. YSHT stood for You Still Have Time – I wanted to keep track of when the entry came in…. (I really do have some strange compulsions.)

Lauren, send your address to semiferalmama@yahoo.com and I will get the book in the mail to you.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted something.




5 responses

8 01 2012

Calling bullshit. A
recount circa 2000
is needed. Thank you.

🙂 Loved it while it lasted! Guess I just need to go finally buy the book then!

9 01 2012

I’m so freakin’ mad
Lauren came out of nowhere
Ah well, enjoy the book

9 01 2012

I am so glad I didn’t win the book. The I would have had to read it. I am too crunched for time. I am just glad to have participated. You know, to get Christine off my back. Mine were good. Even without the curse words. They probably would have been better with them though.

10 01 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Yours were the very, very best, Leigh. I just didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings by saying that publicly.

10 01 2012



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