What’s The Matter, Santa? Cat Got Your Tongue?

11 01 2012

Anyone know if these vinyl window decorations are toxic???

Little Dude just loves to chew them.

Tonight he stuck Santa’s tongue in his mouth.

 I stuck out my hand, held it under his chin, and said, “Spit it out.”

“SPIT it out.”

“Spit IT OUT!”




And I am not calling poison control.

Although I know they are nice.

How do I know?

Because I called them in November.

And I called them in October.

Seriously, this kid is…  Okay, the other day I was thinking that I should not be labeling my kids.

So, I will just say this…

This kid is going to live an interesting life; passion, joy, anything to test boundaries and get a laugh.

I saw they brought back “Fear Factor.”  Do you think it will still be on in 16 years?

I am predicting it now – Little Dude will win Fear Factor.




4 responses

12 01 2012

I just know they’re not kidding when they say don’t put those on painted surfaces. Someone, who will remain nameless, moved some off my bathroom mirror onto the painted wall and the ink/dye/paint transferred onto the wall… not entirely unlike the way it will transfer to LD’s ______. But who’s looking. 😛

12 01 2012

Oh! We have some of those things too. Hopefully it comes back out straight away.

12 01 2012

Jeez. Well, he ain’t boring, right? Not to mention the cute factor. Dang, he’s cute.

12 01 2012

I’d say look for resolution to your …..er….. problem, in about two days.

heh heh heh.

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