A Beautiful Day – A Beautiful Walk

16 01 2012

Sunny and 65, let's go for a post-nap walk in the woods.

This kid hates to wear shoes. The creek bed was dry - no problem...

You would think that I would make him wear matching socks since I pretty much know he will be showing them to the world. (Of course given a chance he takes those off, as well.)

Looking for fish in the not-so-dry creek.

Could the smiles look any more canned? I don't care - they are beautiful.

Duh! Can you see PJ looking at Little Dude like "oh no you didn't"?

Fully submerged.

Dad goes in for the save.

Too bad we didn't catch any fish.

You can tell how guilty he felt - not.

Good thing he is this handsome. And, I will give him this, he was smart enough not to complain about having a cold, wet foot on the way back to the car.




3 responses

17 01 2012

Oh wow… This really is beautiful!

17 01 2012

what freakish climate zone do you live in? We have had ice, sleet, rain, or snow for the past 2 weeks. So, if you want to come here and have a walk in the mud…

17 01 2012
Meg B

Gorgeous! This so-called winter is too weird for me.

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