Hey Blogspot, Kiss My…

25 01 2012

I know it can’t be just me.

Ever since the recent blogspot changes that are supposed to enable comment threads, I am unable to comment on blogspot blogs 99% of the time.

Fellow bloggers, you really are not missing much when you don’t get my comments.  But I want you to know I am still reading your words, they are moving me and I probably have plenty to say about them.

Until blogger figures it out, I will just be sitting here talking to myself.




5 responses

25 01 2012
Captain Murdock

HA! Blogger commenter is the worst, and will probably always be the worst! Can’t count the number of people who have sent me emails instead of leaving me comments because they can’t figure it out. Ugg. Seems like a simple problem.

Makes me appreciates SFM’s comments even more 😉

26 01 2012

I will take this as reassurance that somebody probably *wanted* to comment on my blog, but the glitch prevented them.

26 01 2012

Now you know how I felt when I couldn’t get on your blog to comment for all that time and couldn’t figure out why. It was so frustrating. I kept coming here and leaving comments anyway even though I knew they wouldn’t get published and then one day BINGO! It got published right out of the blue. So my advice would be to do the same. Just be nice about what you write. Because you…er…never know. hahaha grinning sheepishly.

26 01 2012

I hear ya!! I actually can leave comments NOW after said changes, but have spent the better part of last year UNABLE to leave comments. Seems a little ridiculous, but it’s a free sercvice, so I guess I can’t complain TOO much, even though I still do.

26 01 2012

I’m with you. This is so annoying.

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