This Is NOT A Political Post

26 01 2012

I can be a pretty intense person.  I have had moments in my professional career where I let my passion get the best of me, where my effort to get my point across made me lose my composure.  I have raised my voice.  I have certainly sworn (although not AT a person – but about a problem.  Of course that distinction could easily have been lost on the person I was communicating with.)  I remember once banging my hand on a table. In fact I remember it vividly.  Because it makes me cringe.  And I would never, ever defend any of this behavior.

I would LOVE to blame these moments on the people with whom I shared them.  I can picture their faces in my head.  To this day, I am pretty sure in every instance I was actually correct.  I can justify my frustration.  But I can not, and will not, justify my behavior.

There is no justification for rude behavior.

You don’t actually have to respect a person, what they believe or even their job title, but you absolutely have to treat them respectfully.  It is called being professional.  It is how business is done.  It is also what makes living on this over-crowded planet a joyous experience and not just one irritating confrontation after another.

Passionate people often make the best leaders.  Passion ignites the fire that makes things happen.  But passion is not an excuse for being obnoxious.

And either is politics.

(Haraz N. Ghanbari/AP)

Giving Governor Brewer the benefit of the doubt, maybe her passion got the best of her.

But the fact that instead of apologizing she and her staff are justifying her behavior is appalling.

Regardless of party affiliation, I don’t want the elected leaders of this country to behave like guests on The Jerry Springer Show.

*I was going to end this post with something quip-ey about returning to our regularly scheduled program about parenting, except, to some degree, isn’t this situation really about parenting?




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26 01 2012

You’re absolutely right. My kids fall into/live in the “he who yells the loudest wins” mentality all the time and too often I follow them in after them, but it’s wrong and immature. Often the best work is done within the bounds of respect.

27 01 2012

IMHO, once you start shouting your point is actually annulled. If you can’t get your point across respectfully, you lose.

27 01 2012

I want him to reach up and push her hand (with that finger pointing) down to her side.

27 01 2012

yes indeed. that picture makes my stomach get a pit in it. blurg

27 01 2012

I like the point you are making here. The picture is ugly, but sometimes pictures don’t tell the whole story…if all we had to go on were the picture, I might give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that the media just caught an awkward moment. All the words that came afterward from Brewer, however, justifying her disrespect, are what make my skin crawl.

28 01 2012

She is horrid.

28 01 2012
Captain Murdock

You lost me at “banging my head on a table.” I literally laugh out loud every time I picture that 🙂

28 01 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

I am glad you enjoyed it – but it was my HAND not my HEAD – and I actually typed HAND not HEAD. Of course, since you have seen me with my children I am not at all surprised that you assumed it was HEAD.

29 01 2012
Captain Murdock

Dang it! I see you typed hand, but for some reason I totally read head. Now you have ruined my hilarious image of this story. It’s way funnier to picture you banging your HEAD on the table!

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