I Feel Like I Haven’t Seen You In ForEVER

31 01 2012

So, What’s Up?

I joined a 90 day health challenge.  It is based on percentage of body fat lost.  I am going to the gym, alot.  And, I am spending a ton of time logging stuff on my Lose It app.  I heart my Lose It app.  No worthwhile results to share yet, but I do remember that I love to workout.  And I have gone to Zumba – twice.  If you were dying of cancer and needed laugh therapy, I might make a videotape of myself in a Zumba class.  But you aren’t, so oh well.

PJ stayed home from school today with a minor cold.  I dragged her to the gym with me.  And she must have been feeling pretty darn sick because she behaved like a dream child.

We have a stray dog living at our house (again).  PJ named her Hey, then changed it to Hay Bale.  I changed it to Hailey.  Then PJ changed it to Bailey.  She is a purebred Wheaten Terrier and doesn’t seem to care what we call her.  Tomorrow I will take her to get groomed.  This is a luxury my own dog is NEVER allowed.  But then, we are not so neglectful that half of his body would be covered in mats.  Some people shouldn’t have dogs.

My Aunt Patsy died today.  I really liked my Aunt Patsy.  I haven’t seen her much as an adult; my sister’s wedding, my wedding, maybe once since.  But I always found her intriguing.  She was the black sheep of my father’s siblings.  According to family, and I don’t know first-hand because my parents never took me there, she lived in a big, falling down farmhouse in upstate New York.  She had a bunch of kids and they had a bunch of kids.  And they were just enough older than my sister and I to be legitimate hippies.   At the farmhouse there was a ghost and a nasty billy goat.

I wish I had known her better.

I joined PinterestCaptain Murdock made me do it.  I keep getting messages that say, “So-and-So is following you on Pinterest.”  And I want to yell, “Don’t!  Don’t follow me.  I do not plan to use this.  I do not even know what it is.  Please don’t follow me.”  Then I think, “Do I have to follow her?”  “Is that the only polite thing to do?”  “What are my obligations to someone I am following?”  The whole thing reminds me of when I joined iVillage – my user name was Not A Joiner.  There is a reason I am Not A Joiner – I can’t take the pressure.

On the other hand, finally taking down our Christmas decorations joining Pinterest made me decorate our fireplace area.  And I am happy with the results.  Is that something I am supposed to post on Pinterest?  Would my followers see it?  Would they want to come to my house to see it in person?  Do I need to clean the kitchen floor?  This is all too much for me.

And, in order to decorate the area I went to three craft stores – one of them twice.  I no longer hate craft stores, but man, those places are like time machines.  I go in at 1:25 pm and come out at 3:15 pm – what was I doing?  where did that time go?  and do I really need these four, six-foot-long sticks?

Back to the working out thing.  I remember how much I love to work out.  But I also remember how much work exercise is.  And I don’t mean the gym part, I mean the laundry, and the extra showers, and the bath towels always being wet, and the keeping track of a water bottle, and the charging the iPod and the where the hell did I put my tennis shoes this time?

I miss being here on a regular basis.  I want to blog more.  I also want to be skinny healthy and have a beautiful home, and a fun social life, and happy children, and world peace.  Oh, and I really want to ignore all things political and news-ish.  But it seems I can’t.  Do you think the moon will have statehood before D.C. or Puerto Rico?

My husband is funny.  When I sent him a picture of Hay Bale entitled “look what we found” he texted back, “Did Scolly get a cut and color?”

Our dog, Scolly.

Top view of Hay Bale. Although she is probably at least five times as big as Scolly.




12 responses

31 01 2012
Captain Murdock

HA! This post made me laugh. It is my dream to be random and funny like this … some day.

So, I *think* I just followed you on Pinterest (just to add to the pressure). But it shows you have posted absolutely NOTHING! I have next to zero followers (I think because I don’t use my real name and thus am somehow disconnected to facebook). Either way, pinterest rocks!

You must post (for pinterest or maybe just for me) pics of your fireplace. Does it involve baskets? I’m hoping to get the call to fly to ET really really soon and I need more exact instructions should I need to buy more baskets…

31 01 2012

This post made me smile. I just joined Pinterest too and I can’t stop clicking and looking.

Sometimes I feel like my whole day revolves around the gym – what to wear, when to eat, what errands can be run before/after, what to pack in my gym bag, did I remember the earbuds, did I pack Turo a snack to eat after preschool before going to the gym?

31 01 2012

You (and SAG) are funny. And I suspect laugh therapy acts just as well as a preventative as it does a cure, so thank you.

As for grooming… sore subject with me right now.

31 01 2012

hilarious. all of it.

31 01 2012

I used to buy those long sticks at the 5 and Dime when I was little. I shouldn’t know that I could find them at a craft store. You really should not have told me that.

1 02 2012

I bet in five minutes, Christine posts a reply saying Pineterst is THE BEST THING EVER.

1 02 2012
Scooping it up

I know pinterest is good/cool/etc. But the second I joined 800 people followed me and I had the exact same issues “what? why are you doing this? I don’t know how this works! Am I now supposed to follow YOU?” I have not done a blessed thing in two months.

1 02 2012

Let’s see… what have I been up to?…

I love the gym too. I just wish my husband loved it like I did. I’d be ok if he just liked it and didn’t try to think of any excuse under the sun not to go with me.

Um… I’m trying to avoid Pinterest since I need another thing to suck away my time like I need a hole in my head.

Craft stores aren’t really my thing. They just frustrate me because they make me think of all the things I could be doing with my free time instead of playing online – hence no new online habits need to be acquired. Don’t even get me started on Home Depot. My husband once ruined an entire day for me by just mentioning Home Depot.

I also have an extra dog living in my house. And I really really like him. He has good manners and is pretty much the cutest thing ever to live. But he desperately needs to be neutered. When we took him on a walk yesterday I wanted to hang a sign on him saying “he’s a foster and is scheduled to be neutered – don’t judge me because this dog has testicles.”

I finally got rid of a 6 day headache and am ready to tackle the world again.

I have the cleaning/organizing/purging bug and have been giving my label maker a workout. I even called my family and warned them that if I invited myself over to their house, they may want to be conveniently out of town or at least change the locks since I may not be able to control myself and may start organizing and throwing away their stuff. My sister is very glad to live 3000 miles away at the moment.

Um, I think that’s all I’ve been up to. Hope it goes well with Hay Bale.

1 02 2012

Ha! This made me laugh. I don’t understand how time shifts and speeds up in craft stores.
“And, in order to decorate the area I went to three craft stores – one of them twice. I no longer hate craft stores, but man, those places are like time machines. I go in at 1:25 pm and come out at 3:15 pm – what was I doing? where did that time go? and do I really need these four, six-foot-long sticks?”
(I don’t know why I feel the need to re-post what I think is funny. But I do.)

2 02 2012

Craft stores give me death anxiety. Pinterest makes me feel inspired, but I hate the craft store so much I don’t have much stuff to make crafts with. I go to the Hardware store instead and try to find similar stuff. Your husband is very funny! I know of an adult female boxer who needs a home. Interested?

2 02 2012

It has been forever!

I like pinterest, but…. I just LIKE it, I don’t love it. And pretty much nobody follows me at all. Yeah, as I type that, i realise that I would probably love it more if it made me feel more validated.

3 02 2012
Ryan Buitenwerf

I miss you. And your SAG’s humor is funny!

Signing as hubs cause I don’t wanna jack his settings,

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