You Are Going To Want THIS

10 02 2012

Guess what?

I get to do a Picture It On Canvas give-away!

The internet is scary, and powerful, and scary.  Last week I said in a post how much I LOVE my Picture It On Canvas artwork that I purchased with a Groupon.  And I talked about my fantasy of giving away a PIOC Canvas on my blog.  But I was too scared to ask (why I sucked at radio advertising sales).

The people at PIOC have fancy-schmancy software that let them know I was talking about them.  And they LIKE the idea of me giving away a canvas.  And they also want to give YOU a discount.  So even if you don’t win – you win.

I wonder if the people at Mercedes have the same software?  (Doesn’t matter – don’t really want to give away a Mercedes – I would be happy to keep a Mercedes if someone wanted to give me one.)

But this is not about my wish list of things I THINK I NEED.

This is about YOU.

And how YOU can get a gorgeous 16 x 20 canvas for FREE, exactly like the ones you see here (but with a picture of whatever you want – not my kids.)

So here is the deal.  The drawing will be random.  You have the opportunity to enter FOUR times.

1)  Leaving me a comment gets you an entry.

2)  If the comment is in the form of a Haiku (you didn’t think I was completely over the Haiku thing did you?) you will get a second entry.

3)  If you mention this contest on your blog you get another entry. (Just let me know you did it).

4)  If you mention this contest on FB or Twitter you get another entry.  Please remember I try to keep my blog slightly anonymous – so please mention the contest but don’t link to my real name FB page or use my real name – thanks. (And you will have to let me know you did this as well.)

That’s right, four chances to enter over the next week.  The contest will close on Friday, February 17, 2012 at midnight EST.

Besides winning the whole enchilada every single person who enters will get 45% off of a single purchase at Picture It On Canvas.  I will be providing all of you a coupon code when the contest ends.

That’s right – I got a coupon code.

Little Dude Can't Believe It - 45% Off!





34 responses

10 02 2012

I love the way these look! What is the cost before a coupon?

10 02 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Here is their website
The coupon code can be used for any of their products. But I love this large scale canvas. Also, I really loved that they check your file and make sure it is going to print well. I have been disappointed with other mail-order photo printing in the past because they messed up what I sent them.

10 02 2012

Sorry, i shan’t play.
Spouse spouts canvas @ Walmart.
I’ll send one your way.

(Is it uncouth to have your hiaku rhyme? It’s faux… the Walmart/HP canvas, not my rhyme. Do you think YPOC’s software is picking up comments about their competition?)

Regarding your first sponsored give-away on your blog:

Congrats! I’m happy
for you. Who knew big brother
was corporate. Eeek!

(really, I am very excited for you)

10 02 2012

Ah, it’s PIOC, not YourPictureOC. My bad.

10 02 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

Maybe you will be hearing from Walmart of YPOC soon. As for me, I am rarely happy with things I buy (sad but true). And when it comes to photography stuff I am even worse – won’t even mention what that W place did to the photos I gave the grandmother’s for Christmas. Not to mention the first photo lab woman said there was an ink splat on my photo – No it was my son’s birthmark. The second photo lab man told me I should spank my kids, but only when at home because people don’t approve of it in public.

10 02 2012

Buh-leeeve me, I’m no fan of the place, even if Sam and Helen built my momma a ballet studio @ the University of the Ozarks. Even shook hands w/ Gov. Clinton there. But I digress.

10 02 2012

Jesus, another haiku.

In March we find out
which school DS2 will go to
Scholarship pretty please!

How’s that?

10 02 2012

Seriously. SFM?!?! That comment is worthy of a blog post! I’m stressed about the haiku. Will be back later.

10 02 2012

He’s big. Dressed in black.
Goes by name Sir Topham Hatt
Sing along Thomas

I DID IT! Definatly will post on blog. Sometime tonight. I love those!!

10 02 2012

but what if I want a canvas of your kids??

10 02 2012

in need of canvas
for lil’ bro, home soon I hope
to hang with big bro’s

11 02 2012

1. here’s my comment:
Oh my, i need one of them big ole’ canvases for a picture of kitty muffinpants! she’d really like it, i’m sure.

2. here’s my haiku:
Banana blanket
on my lap keeps me warm.
i fed a stray cat.

3. i haven’t posted on my blog in well over a year. perhaps it’s time to start it up again? Ok, i just posted it to my blog. do i need to send you a link?

4. i’ll get it posted on FB, too. and you’ll see it cause we’re FB friends.

11 02 2012

Those pictures look great in your hall. I bet a llama or BC would look great in mine.

11 02 2012

How can I say no
at a chance to win a prize–
Haiku seals the deal!

11 02 2012

dude, i’m gonna have to g00gle how the H to make a haiku!!! But here’s my comment. Because I want that coupon code!!!

12 02 2012

I really really
Like canvas prints a whole lot
Please pick me, PICK ME!

(That was fun. Great idea for the haiku challenge.)

12 02 2012

i suspect being international disqualifies me. But I want to acknowledge how cool it is that you get to do this!!!!

13 02 2012

Does being your best
friend disqualify a girl
from winning canvas?

YAY! I am excited you get to do this. Next thing you know you’ll have advertisers!

13 02 2012

Nice to know that creepy internet technology can pay off! Very cool. Here’s my entry:

Captive on my mac
Six thousand images, plus.
How shall I choose one?

13 02 2012

Go, S-F-M, Go!
Your first giveaway is cool!
My house needs pictures.

15 02 2012

I haven’t commented because I’ve been trying to come up with a photo related haiku. (PS, this is my comment, haiku to follow later)

15 02 2012

Baby on the way
And a giant family photo
Would be amazing!

16 02 2012

I love my canvas
I would love to have one more
Looks so nice. Gorgeous!

(I am new to your blog – refered by a friend – but I am loving it!)

16 02 2012

(Just mentioned the contest on facebook!)

17 02 2012
Captain Murdock

I’m entering, but I’m also totally willing to let people enter me into this contest absentee-ist, even though I am entering from Ethiopia 🙂

17 02 2012

I have been thinking of getting this for an anniversary gift. i would love to win one.

17 02 2012

(second entry)

Hilarious shot
Needs to be forever saved
Canvas is perfect

17 02 2012

I leave a comment
Versed in loveliest haiku
In hopes of winning

17 02 2012

For my haiku:
Haiku was googled
to get a free canvas
you better pick me

For the captain:
is where she is at
for precious MB

It’s also on my fb and Captain’s FB.

I think that’s 12 entries for both of us…. 🙂

17 02 2012
Jessica Rudder

Not allowed to hang
stuff on the apartment walls.
BUT sister has house!

Also, I’ll be sharing this on Facebook (Jessica Fields Rudder).

17 02 2012
Iris Fields

Jessica did share
but not mine if she wins
So here is my chance

17 02 2012

What a great giveaway!

17 02 2012
tamara b

I came to enter my dear friend but she entered from the country i wish i was in.

i even rhymed.

ps my bday is monday if you want to give me a gift of a free canvas 🙂

19 02 2012

Too bad it wasn’t in haiku form!!! Couldn’t been a bonus entry!!!!!

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