Sunday Snapshot – Studio Style

12 02 2012

Thanks to Groupon, I finally had professional photos taken of the kids.

Of course I waited until the Groupon expired, then I had to humble myself and call JCPenny’s prepared to beg.  Surprise, surprise they had actually already extended the offer – I guess they like to provide excellent customer service to the procrastinators of the world.

We scheduled our appointment.  They were clear it was a 10-minute sitting.  Of course I brought a change of clothes and suspected I would get away with a bit more. Apparently everyone else goes with this same strategy.

Our appointment was scheduled for 11:20 am, we did not get into the studio until 12:20 pm (which is 20 minutes past my children’s witching hour.)  If we are not in our house by noon, they turn into witches.

The woman running the studio was working hard to keep all the clients happy and was appropriately apologetic.  Still, my kids fell apart fairly quickly until they were basically in full revolt.  The photographer offered to let us come back and try again the next day.  I suggested we wait and see what she got, although I was fairly certain it was NOTHING.

I didn’t stick around to see the images.  We headed home trying to regroup.  Shortly thereafter, we received an email with the images.

There were plenty of things that I found really odd – my kids are siblings, NOT a newly engaged couple.  They don’t gaze into each other’s eyes, not unless they each have a handful of the other one’s hair and they are waiting to see who will give in first.

Still, there were about five photos that were WONDERFUL.  Which is great, because I do not want to repeat that experience again – possibly ever.

For the record here is our favorite.  I fully admit, it was worth the pain.

If I was eligible for my own Picture It On Canvas contest and I won - this is the photo I would use.




7 responses

12 02 2012

Oh Wow! Words can’t do that picture justice. I want that picture on MY walls. Too cool.

12 02 2012

Oh, I just LOVE this! Totally worth the drama. (Easy for me to say, right???)

12 02 2012

It is an adorable photo! Totally worth it!

12 02 2012

Worth every second of all the pain (you) had to go through. Fab picture. The photographer deserves an award for lighting.

12 02 2012

love it!

12 02 2012
Meg B

Adorable! A friend gave us a photo package that we have yet to use. We’re not ready…I have no idea when we’ll be ready =)

13 02 2012

Such sweetness!

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