How Do I Love Thee…

14 02 2012

let me count the ways…

1,2,3,4 and 45%

1.  Leave a comment on this post and you are entered to win a Picture It On Canvas -print.

2.  Leave the comment in the form of a Haiku and you get a bonus entry

3.  Mention the contest with a link on your FB page and you get another entry

4.  Mention the contest on your blog and you get – yep, another entry

And even if YOU don’t win – I will give you a coupon code for 45% off of any product you want to purchase from Picture It On Canvas.

Who loves you, Baby???




17 responses

14 02 2012

I have a picture
my son is so breathtaking
better on canvas

14 02 2012

Meg’s son is pretty
But I have three pretty babes
Three is more than one

14 02 2012

Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot to put it on my blog. aakk. Doing it now!

14 02 2012
Scooping it up

My treadmill’s calling
My butt has taken over
today didn’t help

Two entries- booya!

14 02 2012
Sarah Deem

Kids sharpen me bright
Awesome in print and in life
Five is more than three

14 02 2012

if i’ve already done all four, do i need to do it again? would that be like entering 8 times? would that give me a better chance at winning?

14 02 2012
Semi-Feral Mama

No Tammy, you are already an over-achiever. Anything else would be, well, cheating.

16 02 2012

I love my three kids
No one else’s aren’t so cool
Beck, Cat and Stephen

16 02 2012

This is a wonderful site! Can’t wait to see more!

17 02 2012

Can I leave as many comments as I want? Because I am one of those annoying people that constantly enters things to up my chances of winning. I’m now regretting that I just didn’t make every word of this comment it’s own entry.

17 02 2012


17 02 2012

This comment is for B in ET!

17 02 2012

I’m still in my bed
So glad it’s finally Friday
Please please please pick me!

17 02 2012

German I must master
So I can do other things
Like writing haikus

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.
Thanks for reminding us!

17 02 2012
Amber Stine

To capture a glimpse
My child’s essense heals my soul
As the sunshine warms

17 02 2012

Taking break at work
I’ll stop pushing the pills
Now my butt is parked

18 02 2012

Okay, I am so TOTALLY confused at this point. I can’t enter for me because of living in a foreign country. So, this haiku is for bridget:

You are there right now, it’s true
Or on a big plane.

They don’t have to be good, do they? Didn’t think so. Obviously.

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