Very Surprised

16 02 2012

No, no one had a surprise party for me.  Actually, SAG tried that once about 17 years ago.  But I happened to have PMS on the day the party was planned.  Party didn’t happen.  I still feel guilty.  I think, for the most part, I am much better behaved these days.

What I am surprised about is that I have not received more entries for the Picture It On Canvas give-away.  It ends at midnight on Friday, February 17th (there is a good chance you are actually reading this on Friday, Feb. 17th.)

I am not as surprised that people didn’t mention the contest on their blogs of FaceBook.  And I do understand that not everybody loves Haiku as much as I.  But I am surprised that every single person didn’t at least just hit the Comment page and write, “Comment” or “Pick Me” of “If I don’t win you are not invited to sit with us at recess anymore.”

I mean, this is a $56 value if you win.  And even if you don’t, you get the 45% off coupon code.

So, now is the time – de-lurk.

I swear, I get nothing from this except the satisfaction of knowing how much I love mine and that you will love yours as well.

Oh, and if you happen to be friends with someone who is in, say, Ethiopia right now picking up her new son (I have at least TWO regular readers/friends currently in Addis – and I know some of you know them) enter for that special person.  I am happy to accept absentee entries on their behalf.

And, if you for some reason just randomly landed on this blog (perhaps you though you were at Pinterest and were looking for surprise party ideas) you can find the details of the contest here.




12 responses

17 02 2012

Actually, I thought about doing it but then I got incredibly lazy. I mean like monumentally lazy and all that typing seemed so daunting. But now I’m going to do that shit up right.

Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award.

So there you go. Hope the ensuing popularity that is sure to follow doesn’t overwhelm you.

17 02 2012

i got a random spam comment on my blog for my blog post about your blog post about posting it on my blog.

17 02 2012

I didn’t want to stir up poop by entering from a foreign country. I’ll post it to FB and see if any American friends are on the ball.

17 02 2012

Ok this comment is for me. Though I have had this head cold for a week and I literally can’t think of a Haiku. Love you though!

17 02 2012

This comment is for the Cap’t. Seriously, she should win.

17 02 2012

THIS comment is for Bridget. She should also win, seriously.

17 02 2012

shit, I just realized, am I supposed to comment on this post or the first one?

17 02 2012

If I comment for Captain too, does she get 2 entries? I’ll post it on her facebook. Then she’ll get 2 🙂

17 02 2012
Captain's Mom

Here is another one for Captain I think! Not sure what I’m doing but here goes.

17 02 2012

I have been meaning to. I was waiting until I actually wrote a haiku. LOL
Slackers! Glad I am not the only one.

17 02 2012

Me, me, me! I’ve been meaning to enter, but lost track of time. I guess moving will do that to a person. 🙂 Anyway, I hope I win! If not, I’m sure the winner will enjoy such an awesome prize!

18 02 2012

My Walls,
So bare and white,
Need happy faces.

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