A Little Reward

17 02 2012

Last week I hit my first weight loss healthy lifestyle mini milestone.  To achieve this goal, I basically wore the same pair of (8-year-old) workout pants that make me feel good and look decent for every workout (On average that is a 1.5 hour gym session, six times a week.)

The over-worked and under-washed pants had a teeny-tiny bit of help from a pair of lime-green, super-oversized shorts (terrifying – but, hey, they have pockets).

I did try to work a pair of satiny exercise pants into the mix – but I literally slid off the incline board while the personal trainer tried to make me do some stupid ab exercise my new friend watched me happily tone my core.

On two other days, I donned a pair of oatmeal-colored yoga pants.   The first day they were fine in a yoga studio with no mirrors, as far as I could tell.  But when I wore them the next day to the brightly lit gym and looked in the mirror- well, lets just say my underwear was blue and EVERYBODY knew it (they also knew exactly how much cellulite I have on each thigh).

So, my reward for this first milestone was some new workout clothes.  Lucky, lucky, cheap me… I found the following four items on sale.

A yoga tank top with a built in bra.  (When you look at it in this picture it seems that “tank” in tank-top might be referring to what appears to be bullet-proof cups.)

A pair of running shorts in a color I said I would NEVER wear to workout in again (but they were only $4.99 – and I can wear them when I run outside – no mirrors.)

A cute t-shirt from a popular brand that I would NEVER pay full price for.

And, best of all, a stretchy skort.  It was originally FIFTY SOMETHING FREAKING DOLLARS (because it has a little swoosh on the side).  But I paid – $4.99!!!  I will be happy dancing in my new workout clothes everytime I think about these prices.

So, if you happen to be in the gym, you may recognize me from my 12-year-old humane society t-shirt.  Or, you may smell me before you see me if I am wearing my every-single-day workout pants.  Or, you might not see me at all.  Because in my new clothes, I might just sprint by you so fast all you will feel is a cool breeze on your face.

I know that picture sucks, but I really wanted to brag share.  So please ignore the fact that in the photo the tank top (which might earn the nickname of “Barb1e B00bs”) and the skort look like a bathing suit.  You will have to trust me that the tank has a super cute, subtle pattern on the straps.  And the skort has reflective stripes in a figure flattering place.  I mean, why wouldn’t you trust a person who admits to having both oatmeal-colored yoga pants and satiny jog pants so slick they cause accidents in the gym someone with my fashion sense?




6 responses

17 02 2012

That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the picture. Barbie Boobs. LOL
Awesome bargin hunting!

17 02 2012

Oatmeal-colored yoga pants are what got me though my 2nd pregnancy. I’d still be wearing them except they got sooo many stains on ’em (that breast milk stains is something La Leche doesn’t share up front). I’m waiting for my next tie dye party to resurrect ’em.

“Barb1e B00bs”? C’mon… spell it right and then you can be hosting Mattel and Hooter’s giveaways. 😉

18 02 2012

Nice score, SFM! Love this haul.

And yeah. My favourite thing about running in the dark is that nobody can see that my running pants have paint stains.

19 02 2012

I totally think great workout clothes help – at least they do to me:) Love that tank – love it all.

20 02 2012

I love rewarding myself by buying new gym clothes. So much fun!!

20 02 2012

oatmeal colored yoga pants sounds so gross and hilarious. i love the new stuff. i’m a huge believer in buying stuff you’re comfortable in as motivation. awesome work so far!!!

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