Lucky Winners

21 02 2012

Sorry it took me so long to post this.  We were out of town.  When we returned I practiced a little procrastination.

I was so enthusiastic about this give-away.  Then it was time to draw the winner and I started to freak-out.

You know how easy it would be for me to cheat?  I also felt this way when I gave away the book, “This Is A Soul” just not as intensely.  Maybe because this prize has a bigger monetary value.  Maybe because this prize was coming directly from Picture It On Canvas and not from me.  Maybe because it would be so easy JUST TO CHEAT.  And I really hate cheaters.  Hate cheating.  Hate it.  I am a little obsessed with fairness, just the fact that it would be easy to cheat makes me nervous.  Who would I cheat for?  My friends who don’t have lots of money?  What about my two friends who just got back from Ethiopia with their new sons? (You can check out their stories here and here.)  Maybe I should have a NEW reader win so they will keep coming back or an old reader to reward loyalty.  The crazy power of being able to cheat made me feel, well, crazy.

Anyhow, I managed my anxiety to the point that I actually did the drawing.  Last night I wrote a name for every entry on a piece of paper.  This morning I mixed them up in PJ’s Valentine’s Bag – awesome to get two uses out of what is essentially a piece of motherhood guilt (Can I throw away her first Valentine’s Day bag?  Why would I store that piece of crap for years?  What kind of mother thinks her child’s first Valentine’s Day bag is a piece of crap?)

This morning after SAG got the kids strapped in their car seats ready to head to pre-school, I made him draw a name.  And of course, I made him let me photograph the whole thing to PROVE I wasn’t cheating.


The winner is Katie W. from Oregon.  (Katie, Blogger won’t let me grab your contact info from your comment, so please email me semiferalmama at yahoo dot com so I can get the details I need from you.)

Now, for everyone else who entered and any other reader who didn’t but wants to take advantage of this cool offer, the 45% off coupon code is feralmama.  The Picture It On Canvas website can be found here.  I am not sure how long the coupon code is in affect.  I will check with the PIOC people and post an update when I know.

I know I will be using it this weekend as soon as I can get organized.

Thanks for playing.




3 responses

21 02 2012

They made you feral. Not even semiferal.. but straight out feralmama. whoa. that is intense.

21 02 2012

Yeah, wow, you are totally feral. like a rogue feral mamma. be afraid everyone. be very afraid.

22 02 2012

Thank you! (I emailed you.) I cannot wait to pick out a picture to have printed on the canvas! I have a friend who has turned a photography hobby into a small business and she was over just a few days ago and snapped a few shots of our 6mo old while we were hanging out and got some really cute pictures!

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